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Using text message spy applications, the person can easily monitor all the messages of his or her partner. Also, you can control child’s internet activities, and make sure that your company’s employees aren’t selling confidential information to the competitors. One spy app will provide you with complete access to the target phone. You will be able to mark every outgoing or incoming call as well as sent or even deleted messages.

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Top 5 Apps to Spy on Text Messages

Many risks and contingencies that accompany our lives moved into the virtual space. Our children can no longer safely surf the internet, and our spouses got new opportunities for cheating behind our backs. That’s why spy text apps become more popular from year to year. Free spy text apps allow people to control their personal and professional lives. Here are five popular apps that will help you to spy on text messages and have the best experience possible.

SurePoint Text Message Spy App

text message spySurePoint Spy is a popular text message spy with a wide range of features. It will perfectly fit various demands of users and suits an average phone user easily. If you need your text message spy job done reliably and fast, this is the application you should try. You should know that this is the app that has a unique and rare feature of supporting non-jailbroken iPhones. It means you don’t have to have physical access to the iPhone. Just start with these points:

  • Find out target phone’s Apple ID and password.
  • Enable iCloud support
  • Register your account on the official SurePoint website.
  • Monitor the iPhone through the iCloud and your control panel.

Also, SurePoint is able to spy text messages of all types:

  • SMS
  • Emails
  • Instant messages

And of course, it has a list of common features every reliable and top-class application should have. The application costs $69.99 as a one-time fee. There are no monthly renew payment or something like that.

Auto Forward Spy

text message spyIf you need something inexpensive and easy to use, Auto Forward spy text app is the best fit. It works perfectly both with Android and iOS phones. You can spy text messages of any type. Also, browser history monitoring, GPS location tracking, and lots of other useful features available. Auto Forward Spy is a professional solution available at the most reasonable price on the market. And it is very easy and simple to use:

  • Install the application directly on the target phone (don’t forget to check out its operating system compatibility)
  • Register your account on the official app’s website
  • Set settings
  • Start monitoring through your account’s control panel

One of the most interesting features of this application is about monitoring media of the phone in real time. But a unique one is the call and surroundings recording. This feature is something that makes Auto Forward stand out. It is not the only app with such feature, but it is still very rare option on the market. The application is available for $69.99.

Highster Mobile 

text message spyHighster Mobile is an extremely popular text message spy. Its popularity is huge, and almost every top list of text spy applications has this one. The application is one almost every user is satisfied 100{c9063d93cd99e6699cfb247b4f9df5293e3154c1a1b68a212377f2843ad33bf5}. You can track any text messages with Highster Mobile. Even those that were deleted from the target phone are still available.

Also, Highster Mobile was the first program to start working with those iPhones without jailbreak. The app works directly via iCloud and requires only Apple ID and the password of the target. And the physical access to the target phone is not necessary. You can easily track and monitor almost every activity on the device.

The Highster Mobile developers also offer free phone and online support for the customers. The price is very common on the market. You should pay $69.99 just once to use the application on the target phone. All the upgrades also are free. A perfect choice for business and personal use.


text message spyFlexiSPY is another unique monitoring system on our list. The program offers amazing monitoring opportunities and deals with more than 18 instant messengers. It is a rare amount on the market. You can see that this fact make FlexiSPY a serious tracking force for your text spying requests. Everything from simple SMS to super confidential chats can be easily monitored with this application.

Also, you can control every single action on the phone. All the incoming and outgoing calls, browser history, and all applications installed on the phone are available as an open book. FlexiSPY is known as one of the best parental control apps on the market. It allows users to track kid’s location in real time and track every single password their kids use to enter social media accounts.

DDI Utilities

DDI UtilitiesDDI Utilities often is the most obvious choice for beginner users of phone monitoring apps. Some consider it to be the best phone tracker on the market. We have nothing to approve or disapprove these words. But we know sure that DDI Utilities is a reliable phone spying tool with attractive and reasonable price and a bunch useful features.

It is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface every person will deal with. It is a little bit different from these traditional tracking applications. DDI is more powerful and digs deeper than anything else you may find. It monitors all the text messages on the phone and also deals with those chats Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage, and others.

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Features of Text Messages Spy Applications


Let’s study distinguishing features of text spy applications. The most important options are:

  • Spy on SMS and Instant Messages

Spy on text messages and conversations on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, SnapChat, Instagram, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc. Mobile spy software also makes it possible to monitor messages on social media messengers such as WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, and others. With the help of texting spy apps, you can get a better picture of all the messages, communication channels that your employees or children use on their phones;

  • Monitoring Emails, Gmail Accounts

Your child can use the email apps on his phone to set up accounts on social networks. The phone tracking app enables parents to know what emails and messages their children are receiving or sending by their phones and tablets. You can also protect your company’s property from fraudulent actions of employees by monitoring their cell phone email activity. Calendar events are monitored as well;

  • Informing about GPS Location of the Target Device

A real GEO data on the location of the phone or the tablet that you want to monitor is always available by your request;

  • Remote Access to the Phone Book of the Target Phone

You can view the mobile phone contacts, and that’s a great feature if you need to know whom your child or spouse is communicating with. Mobile spyware logs all contacts stored on the mobile phone;

  • Recording of the Calls

Now you can read the texts of messages and listen to all phone calls of the owner of the phone. Besides, every conversation after recording will be sent to your online account;

  • Complete Access to Photos, Videos, and Camera

Along with calls and messages, you can easily view all photos and all videos made or stored in the phone memory. Smartphones now give children the opportunity to take photos and to post them to social networks such as Instagram or Facebook in an instant. They don’t think about the situations if these photos can be used against them. With the help of spy applications, parents can control what photos and videos are being taken with their child’s phone;

  • Remote Microphone Activation

You will be able to activate the microphone of target phone or tablet with one click and listen secretly to its surroundings;

  • Monitoring of Browser History

Using surveillance product you can view every website page opened and viewed on target phone or another device.

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5 Frequently Asked Questions about Text Spy Apps


  1. Is it possible to detect monitoring program on the target phone?

Yes and no. All those top-class applications, including those on our list, have reliable stealth mode option that keeps them hidden and working in the background. But cheaper and free apps are easily detectable.

  1. How will I receive the software?

After purchasing the app you like, you will receive direct instructions on your email. There you will find out how to download and install the program on the target phone and how to use control panel.

  1. Is physical access to the target device necessary?

Most programs require it to be installed on the phone. mSpy, Highster mobile, and some other tools work without physical access to the phone.

  1. Do I need to Jailbreak my iPhone?

Yes, but it is a near-painless procedure. Once the iPhone is Jailbroken, however, the installation is a snap.

  1. Does the software work in every country?

You should check the software’s website to find out its compatibility and legal requirements in different countries and areas.


Our safety, as well as the safety of our loved ones, is much more important than any other issues. That’s why texting spy apps are great assets in ensuring our personal and family’s safety, business security and partner’s faithfulness. Please, tell us about your personal experience in the topic and name your favorite spying application.


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