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Welcome to We are testing and reviewing the cell phone’s spying apps. Many phones spying apps for kids are available on the market, making people wonder which cell spy apps have the highest level of performance and provide an excellent user-friendly interface with numerous features. This review focuses on three best phone spy apps. People worldwide prefer purchasing programs with an outstanding feedback record left by happy customers worldwide. This review gives chances to estimate the dependability of a cell phone app. Discover more about compatibility, functionality, features. These factors allow examining how each mobile spy app works and what it has to offer, making it easier to identify software that best suits your spying needs.

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What does it mean “The Best Cell Phone Spying App”?

It is an app for iPhones, iPods, iPads. It operates on Nokia Symbian, BlackBerry, Android devices (including Samsung), Windows phones that use Verizon or T-Mobile. A free trial version of FlexiSPY, which is a satellite-tracking suit that provides a broad range of features, is available on its official website. Two different versions of this program are available for users to choose from. The Extreme Version and Premium one. The Premium Version provides essential functions of FlexiSpy, while an Extreme Version offers advanced and unique features of FlexiSPY that other versions lack.

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mSpy (Powerful Spy App)

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Concerning parental control capabilities, this stingray mSpy cell phone spy is rated as the best. It does not have a jailbreak solution, however. This makes it easier to spy an iPad or iPhone without jailbreaking it. Most importantly, nothing needs to be installed on the targeted device; one only needs to have the credentials of the iCloud account registered on the device.

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This spyware is compatible with Android and iOS devices, making full use of a control panel that is encrypted. Thus, it has an extra layer of security to log cell phone activity. mSpy is an international user-friendly mobile spy app. This implies that users may spy, gathering data and information about the targeted people’s business. Most importantly, the process is straightforward and simple.

An installation process of the mSpy app is easy, uncomplicated, and takes a few minutes before the program is installed, and you are ready to go! MSpy informs the user about any issues that concern the program itself. To handle these issues, this application has a customer support service operating around the clock via email, skype, live chat, or phone. To make sure that users remain satisfied with mSpy experience, there is a 10-day money-back guarantee.

mSpy App Spy App Features

This software allows users to block applications and websites. Parents enjoy this spectacular software suit by blocking apps and websites they do not approve for their kids’ use.

  • Restricting incoming phone calls. The software allows users to block specific phone numbers, preventing contacts from calling the mobile device under spying.
  • mSpy has keylogging function; this feature is exclusive for Android devices that records all keystrokes on the cell phone.
  • mSpy has a geofencing feature. Users set territory specifications, getting alerted if the targeted person leaves a predefined territory.
  • View incoming and outgoing SMS messages and emails
  • Use GPS locator to track the location of the mobile device.
  • Access information on social networks, such as Facebook.

According to Spy Apps Hub, the mSpy app divides into three unique yet very accessible subscription packages: Basic, Premium, Business. This spying app has a free online demo. It shows the entire set of features of this program suit, allowing potential buyers to evaluate its functionality before a purchase. This demo allows knowing more about the functionality of the software, determining whether it suits your needs.

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Highster Mobile Spy (cheapest spy app)

highster-largeThis app is considered to be the best phone spying app. Highster Mobile app is used in tablets and android phones. The software spies and monitors all activities in your target mobile device. Users may use the app to spy on their target mobile device remotely. This includes viewing all logged activities on the web-based control panel. The installation process of this phone tracking app is simple and easy. There is no rooting of the device needed. The only time users need to have the target mobile device installation time. Users may complete the process by connecting the mobile device to a computer or using its web browser.

Highster Mobile Spy App

This smart program is known as the best phone spying app used with tablets and Android phones all around Australia. The software spies and monitors activity on the targeted mobile device. People may use this tool to track their spouse’s targeted mobile device remotely. This includes viewing all logged events on the web-based control panel that has all essential indicators. Most users find this up on google. Download and installation process of this phone spying app is straightforward and easy. There is no rooting of the device needed; clients need to access targeted mobile devices only during the installation process. People can complete this process by connecting the mobile device to a computer or using its web browser.

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Highster Mobile Spy App features

  • Easy accessibility to a camera of a targeted device. A possibility to take photos;
  • Lockdown the phone remotely or uninstall applications.
  • Track a battery status of the targeted mobile device.
  • Easy reverse access to the targeted cell phone’s notes, calendar, contacts;
  • Access videos and photos.
  • Log all outgoing and incoming calls.
  • It is an SMS tracker app for iPhone. This means one can access all text messages both received and sent.
  • Use Highster Mobile GPS location tracker to trace locations of your targets.
  • Log emails, both received and sent.
  • View a browsing history. This means that users have a chance to view a browsing history.

The software allows viewing IM chats and Social media networks, for example, Twitter, Skype, Viber, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp.

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FlexiSPY (best spy app)

flexispy-monitoring-app-on-different-deviceThis is an app for iPhones, iPods, and iPads. It can also work in Nokia Symbian, BlackBerry, and Android devices. FlexiSPY is a spying app that entails a wide range of features. With this software, users can choose from two versions. They are Extreme and Premium. The Premium Version forms the necessary foundation of FlexiSpy. The Extreme Version presents the advanced features of FlexSPY that the other version lacks.

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FlexiSPY Extreme Version features

  • Call intercept: This feature allows users to eavesdrop on live cell phone conversations. The individual being targeted is not aware that he/she is being monitored.
  • Call Recording on the target mobile device. This mobile spy app records all outgoing and incoming phone calls. Users may access recordings within the app’s online control panel anytime whenever they have internet access.
  • The software supports the recording of surroundings. Users may record surrounding sounds.
  • The recording is then uploaded to online control panel making users able to listen to what is taking place as it occurs.
  • FlexiSPY has a password cracker feature. It enables users to access all passwords for installed applications. Get login details for emails and social media from the target mobile devices.
  • The software has a remCam feature. This secret spy app for apple iPhone allows users to take control of the target cell phone camera. Users may take photos which are uploaded to the online control panel afterward.
  • GPS location tracker. The tracker enables users to locate a stolen cell phone signal location on a map. Making a real-time tracking of the family members’ mobile devices easy.

This spy app supports remote control of the targeted lost mobile device. You can perform this from a remote location. Using this feature, users can restart the targeted mobile device and view the battery status of the device and send SMS messages.

FlexiSPY’s Extreme Version is the best because it provides an unrivaled spying experience for its subscribers. You can view all logs inside the account holder’s dashboard. Using a smartphone, customers may access information on the program’s web-based control panel. They may use a tablet or a computer as long as it has a stable and fast enough internet connection.