Best Android Parental Control Apps for Child’s Online Safety

parental control apps reviewLet’s dive into the comprehensive data about popular Android parental control apps, its pros and cons, specific features of cell phone monitoring apps for Android, and benefits you may get by using it.

It is a serious challenge for every parent to watch after a child’s internet browser activity and prevent the entire family from falling into the online trap. It does not matter if you worry about what your kids might notice when searching on Google or who they might talk to on Twitter. They might even be engaging in harmful behavior like age discrimination or bullying. The android parental control app will be an excellent assistant to you. Our team has prepared the best hints for safety measures in the sphere of such apps created to check and even block unfavorable phone or tablet activity.

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How to Grab the Best Android Parental Control App?

Our experts have collected the features named as the best attributes of excellent parental control tool.

  • Tracking chat sessions. From Viber and Whatsapp to Kik and Telegram;
  • Keylogger on phones & tablets;
  • Capturing screenshots;
  • Managing camera;
  • Logging phone ingoing/outgoing calls;
  • Reading and editing all text messages;
  • Viewing videos and images;
  • Controlling contact details & profiles;
  • GPS and geofencing for setting boundaries.

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Let’s learn what parental control apps for Android are worth of your attention.

mSpy Parental Control App

mspy package
Our first cell phone monitoring app is mSpy which is very popular all over the world. The security of underage kids is guaranteed. And each user obtains excellent help and multilingual 24/7 customer support. With mSpy you may:

  • Track all text messages and chat messengers.
  • Control GPS location;
  • Check multimedia activity;
  • Monitor all apps and installed programs on the target phone or tablet;
  • Remote device control;
  • Comprehensive reports and more.

With such a comprehensive tracking program, any parent will be sure that his kids are doing OK. The manufacturer offers plenty of discounts and promotions. And you may grab the best price like $14 per month.

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The MMGuardian Parental Control

This software has many useful options and benefits. You will appreciate easy-to-use interface and simple installation from Google Play. MMGuardian can monitor the entire kid’s phone and gives many tracking options. Your child mobile phone calls, alarming texts, and applications will be totally under your supervision. With the app, you can do a lot.

  • Read all text messages;
  • Control the child’s phone location;
  • Lock the phone activity and set specific time frames for it;
  • Complete operation of all installed apps and programs;
  • Uninstall protection.

For some people, it will be the best parental control app for Android. MMGuardian has needed tracking functions, convenient interface, simple installation process, and good price. Setting time limits on using an internet browser may prevent your child from reaching adult content or speaking to strangers. You may try 14-days free trial. You can buy a subscription ($3.99 per month) or purchase a one-time license ($69.99).

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Norton Family

Norton Family Premier
Norton Family is the most recommended Android parental control app. The application is focused on providing full monitoring over target phone or tablet browser activity and unnecessary apps. With Norton Family, you can do a lot.

  • Limit Internet activity and restrict access to particular websites found in the 90-day browser history.
  • Text message monitoring is among the best Norton’s features.
  • You may ban particular applications.
  • This software sends notifications if your target object tries to violate the content filters.

A significant advantage of this parental control app Android is a broad variety of packages. They can impress anyone. Users can either get Norton for free or purchase an advanced Android version ($50).

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Mobistealth parental checking software should be better activated in stealth mode. Your target object won’t even suspect it is there. It is compatible with Blackberry and devices that work on iOS, Symbian, Windows computers and more.
The range of options is impressive. Except for standard sets as message tracking, location tracking or data about installed apps, it provides some advanced opportunities for parental control app Android.

  • Tracking of chat messengers that are popular among teenagers;
  • Screenshots of the smartphone anytime you need;
  • Recording function of calls and surroundings.

The price of this program is not low. It can be the best parental control app for Android if you need extra spying opportunities. You may buy 6 months subscription for $79.99 or $129.99 or pick another plan.

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This Android parental control tool can boast more than 100 million customers. There is no wonder it has one of the best language packages: 24 languages included!
A parent may want to download and install AppLock to be able to:

  • Lock contacts or messages;
  • Check entire Google and internet browser activity;
  • Manage social pages;
  • Lock access to harmful apps;
  • View pictures, videos, and other multimedia files.

It is possible to set a code your child will never guess. You may get it now from Google Play market for free!

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Net Nanny

Here comes the best parental monitoring software for the smallest Android users. A parent will be able to limit internet browser activity with the possibility to buy and set up various applications. The monitoring can be done via remote phone or tablet access or home computer. It is one of the best solutions for monitoring the content reached by a mobile phone. It works well with any other Android device kids or teens might use.

With this app, you will get all the necessary features for proper parental monitoring:

  • Complete Internet filtering for all children ages.
  • Alerts and notifications in case of some offenses.
  • Full-time controlling with precise time limits of Internet usage.

A parent may choose between a free two-week trial (totally protects your Android device) or paid subscription (only $59.99 per year for 5 devices!).

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Auto Forward Spy

auto foward spy
The overall tracking software like AutoForward may be called one of the best if it comes to serving Android phones and tablets. It works well with iPhones. Features each parent will admire are:

  • Ability to scan all types of text messages & multimedia files.
  • Inserted GPS to complete all location-related functions.
  • Special diagnostics;
  • Social networking spy;
  • Distant application check.
  • Internet browser history report.
  • One month money back warranty.

You may also use data recovery option and be sure that your smartphone information is protected no matter what happens with a device. Such a significant number of options explain the price $69.99 for a Pro plan (one-time payment).

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Spy Era

Another parental control app for Android that is less expensive and provides an impressive set of features is called Spy Era. Each parent will be satisfied with all those advanced features like:

  • Operating in stealth mode;
  • Alert wizard;
  • Live call intercept/recording;
  • VoIP checks and more.

Android phones and tablets need rooting to receive these extra features. People who prefer Blackberry, Nokia and Symbian devices can benefit from using a parental Android tool as well. You should pay $189 per three months to enjoy all available options.

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Screen Time

screen time
One more affordable parental offer on our list is less invasive. Screen Time aims to serve families with young adolescents. Every parent will find out how much time his child spends on the internet and what exactly he is searching for Google. If some websites seem too suspicious, it is possible to set time boundaries on specific games, apps, and websites. You may use bedtime curfew or school time curfew.

It is simple to download and start using this software by visiting Google Play. You may pick a free package or pay $3.99 per month for the premium version.

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Kids Place

kinds place app
Don’t forget to install a pin when first entering Android parental control software created to monitor small kids. Once logged in, your actions will be completely anonymous. While your kid has no idea why his phone or tablet does not permit to download some apps or view certain websites, a parent decides on more limitations after reading text messages, seeing contact list and phone call log.

The best bonus is the ability to block incoming calls when the software is on. A parent can have multiple user profiles. The parental monitoring tool is available on Google Play for free.

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How to Pick Parental Control App Android?

For the first sight, it seems like a hard task to choose the most suitable parental control app for Android. We offer you to analyze your demands and preferences and realize what features are crucial for you and which of them are unnecessary. You will be able to find out what you really need and purchase a decent parental control app Android.

Final Thoughts

Modern market of tracking software offers a vast variety of apps and spying features. And sometimes you need professional advice to make the right choice. We hope our review of the best parental control apps for Android will tell you more about monitoring opportunities you may apply on your children’s phones. And you will purchase the most convenient and multipurpose program. If you have some questions or want to share your experience, write your comments bellow the article.


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