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Few Words about SurePoint and Its Spy Features

surepoint teenIf you’ve decided to spy on someone’s cell phone and you don’t have any experience of using those modern spy tools, this article will tell you about the perfect solution both for personal and commercial purposes. SurePoint is the spying software with every current monitoring feature you want to get. It can track SMS messages and GPS locations along with incoming and outgoing calls. Well, you may say that it is not new and any other cell phone spying software can do the same. You are right, but not right.

SurePoint is the guarantee of quality and top-class performance no matter what is the reason for you to use a phone spying application. You have a perfect opportunity to get the most pleasant experience of a phone spy app using with the help of this great program. This article will tell you why and how you can use this phone monitoring application. No matter what operating system you have on your cell phone. The software we are talking about today has perfect compatibility with both most popular operating systems – iOS and Android.

  • It is a perfect choice for corporate and personal use. If you are looking something to control your kids and at the same time monitor suspicious employees, this is the software you should purchase.
  •  Some customers complain about a slow GPS tracker updates in real-time, but it is a common issue for most phone spy applications on the market today.
  • Great functionality supported by a user-friendly interface make this spy software one of the greatest monitoring solutions on the market.

SurePoint Functionality

sms-listing-monitor-surepointSo, first things first, let’s talk a little bit about cell phone monitoring in general. What do you know about it? Did you ever hear about keyloggers? It is a type of software that monitors and tracks every single keystroke and screen tap of a digital device. But since the time a first keylogger appeared the entire industry had changed a lot. And modern spy software is something more than just a simple app that logs all your actions on a keyboard or screen. Modern technologies require a more solid approach. Today cell phone monitoring application can help you to find you’re stolen or lost phone or even save your kid’s life!

This is the truth every new spy software user discovers. If you have ever heard about such market leaders as mSpy, FlexiSpy or XNSPY, you will like SurePoint with no doubt. There are lots of various offers on the market today, and making a choice can become a real challenge. So the first thing you should look for is a reliable spy tool with a nice list of helpful features that will help you to reach success in every case. Try to imagine what options you will need, for example, to catch your cheating spouse or to protect your kids from internet bullies. But there is also another way. You can get an excellent monitoring application, such as SurePoint. This cell phone monitor already has everything you may need. Check out this list of features available:

Main SurePoint features:

  • Spying on SMS and any other text messages: Every modern person uses text messages to communicate with their friends, relatives, do business, and even buy things. That is why having such an option in your spying arsenal is essential.
  • Social media monitoring: All those social networks made our life more exciting and more opened. Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, LiveChat, and weChat. But sometimes that regularly available account info is not enough. Here is the work for a monitoring application.
  • GPS location tracking: That would be your favorite one for sure. Just imagine having constant control over a person. You will know every single step of your kid, spouse, or employee. Did your husband tell you the truth about his work at night? Well, let’s find it out.
  • Calls logging: Despite all those chatting apps and SMS messages, people still use a cell phone, you know, as a phone. Yes, people make lots of calls every day, and you have a perfect opportunity to track them with various details such as date, duration, and phone number.
  • Browser history access: Modern society is addicted to the Internet, deal with it. And control it! Just imagine what you can find out about a person if you know all his internet search requests and visited websites.
  • Remote camera: A target phone can be turned into a real spying weapon with this one enabled.

How Does SurePoint Work?

This application has much in common with other widespread monitoring apps on the market. So, if you have once used any other software at the same time, you can be sure there will be nothing surprising for you. And if this application is the first one you have, you should not be worried as it is one of the easiest to use programs you can find on the market these days.

The installation of the program will take you just a few minutes. Install, downloaded, and purchased an app on the target phone. That is it. It is the only time you are going to hold a target device in your hands. Everything else, we mean the entire monitoring process, will be controlled by you remotely from your account activated on the official website of the program. By the way, you should activate the software with a unique key you get after buying it. And here is the time to talk about the price.

How Much Does SurePoint Cost?

Well, if you are looking for the cheapest spy application on the market, you’ve come to the wrong place. There are dozens of free apps that you can use. But SurePoint has a point that makes it more interesting than those open and other paid applications out there. It is about its one-time price of $69.99.


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