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Auto Forward Spy Software Review

autofoward-spyYou would probably agree that tracking software have become widely spread recently. If you have never tried spying programs and you are looking for a good one, you should consider Auto Forward application used solely for mobile phones. Even though the software has a number of benefits and is very simple in usage, it is compatible only with two operating systems – Android and Apple OS. In other words, if you have Blackberry, it will not meet your requirements, but this is probably the only one disadvantage of the soft. To begin with, there are three major reasons to install Auto Forward:

  1. Possibility to restore data stored on the device. Just imagine that your phone has been stolen, lost or simply broken and data you have on it is not available any more. Sounds really sad but with the right program you will be able to retrieve everything. The app creates the backup copy and keeps in in a save place in control panel, which you access any time.
  2. Controlling children’s activity. It is easier to monitor what your kid is doing at the computer at home even though you will not be staying behind the shoulder too. But it is much harder to spy on mobile device especially if it has a password protection. The program gives you the possibility to track online chats, website history and even phone calls.
  3. Monitoring employees work. Sometimes employers complain about low performance of their employees, which might be the result using the Internet for personal needs such as chatting with friends on Facebook, surfing the Net or something similar. If the company provides its personnel with corporate phones, they might be misuse them too. This and the above-mentioned problems could be fixed applying the right software.

Legal side of Monitoring Programs

If you are worried whether it is legal to install spying apps, you need to know that there is no law prohibiting its usage. You cannot install spying programs on personal devices of your personnel, but it is completely legal to do it on the company’s property. Likewise, you should keep an eye on underage kids and monitoring their life a little bit might help prevent bad things happening.

Download Autoforward

Basic Features of Auto Forward

autofoward-spy-appIt is worth saying that the program has a user-friendly website which contains detailed information describing basic features. Some of the functions are different due to differences in operating systems. For instance, apart from monitoring SMS, you are able also to spy on iMessage, which are available only with iPhones.

  • Call logger.

    With Auto Forward you will receive information about all calls which the user receives or makes, including telephone numbers and duration. It is also possible to record a call, in case you do not have access to the Internet. This feature is incredibly popular among employers, who want to see in what way the employees use mobile devices.

  • SMS/MMS tracker.

    Find out more about what information is exchanged in messages. This feature might help you prevent confidential information disclosure.

  • E-mails tracker.

    If you have accidentally deleted e-mails with valuable information or simply lost your phone, do not worry as all e-mails can be easily and quickly retrieved.

  • GPS tracker.

    Do you need to track location of the device? No problem! Auto Forward does it with the help of GPS. Now you can find out more about where your kid spends time when he/she needs to be at school.

  • Multimedia files monitoring.

    It is possible to save lost and deleted multimedia files. Even if you have dropped the phone in water and it is not working anymore, you can extract all files including, videos and recordings.

  • Internet usage.

    All kids are curious and frequently visit websites with various undesirable content. Use spying Auto Forward to monitor internet search of your off spring and eliminate bad influence of inappropriate information.

  • Social media activity tracker.

    Sometimes it is good to see check friend list of your child on social media and see what topics are discussed and with whom. Social media is the place used by predators too and, therefore, it is necessary to inform your child about possible dangers.

  • Remote camera control.

    The application allows you to make photos with camera remotely. It gives the clear picture of where the owner of the phone is at a definite time.

  • Remote installation.

    Auto Forward works in a hidden mode and the user will not know about its functioning. You can easily install and uninstall it with one text message command.

Installing Process

In order to start enjoying all the benefits of spying apps, you need to purchase it. You should buy the AutoForward product only from the official website to avoid viruses and corrupted files. Once you select the most suitable product for you and paid, you get an e-mail with an information and link to download the software.

Customer Support

autofoward-spy-appIf you experience any difficulties with selecting the product, its installation or payment, you are welcome to contact Customer Support service. Friendly experts provide high-quality services and help find the solution in any situation. You are free to contact by phone or e-mail.


Most noteworthy, there are no extra fees for using the app. Therefore, you pay 69,99 $ once and enjoy the benefits forever. Payment experts at SoccerGist.net say that the most secure ways to pay for this app are PayPal, Visa, and Master Cards. All operations are secure so that customers must be confident their personal data is under protection.

Summary of the review

In conclusion, careful testing of Auto Forward as well as studying comments and other reviews, draw to conclusion that the program is trustworthy and efficient. It protects your data, your time, family and even business.


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