What to Expect from SpyToMobile Tracking App?

spytomobile reviewWhen you give a cell phone to your son or daughter, you think that this mobile device will help you stay in contact with them during a working day. In some ways, you are right. Nevertheless, there are some hidden pitfalls of the device. Smartphones are not just a mean of communication. Your children can access inappropriate content, face cyberbullying, or online predators. Therefore, you need to control the use of mobile phones via phone monitoring apps like SpyToMobile.

A modern market offers plenty of spyware products. But when it comes to the necessity of choosing the one and start using it, it is always challenging to make a decision. The primary aim of our review is to help you to define whether SpyToMobile is worth your time, money, and efforts.

General Purpose of SpyToMobile

spytomobile bannerThe functionality of the phone tracking app is focused on the complying with the demands of parents, hunting after good alternatives to keep a check on their offspring. SpyToMobile is a popular software product allowing users to check whereabouts of their children, phone activities of employees or control text messages of your loved ones.

The application offers an affordable pricing policy and has excellent customer support. It goes to show that many users can test the benefits of this phone tracking application. Still, except for positive aspects, there are some shortcomings!

Pricing Policy

Reviewing against similar applications, SpyToMobile isn’t expensive. There is no complicated system of billing plans. All users of such program for monitoring phones will pay 0.99 € per day. All possible features are included in the price. There are no hidden fees.

Right now, SpyToMobile offers a lucrative proposition: each registered user can test the phone tracking app for free for three days. As a rule, this time is enough to check whether the spyware can meet your requirements or not. Comparing with the applications, offering the same functionality, such a proposition is desirable because it doesn’t oblige a user to pay for the whole term of the subscription.

How to Use SpyToMobile?

It is quite easy! First, you should pay for the product. Then, you will get your password, allowing you to log in your account. Having coped with that, you need to install SpyToMobile on the device of the person you wish to spy on. The procedure is fast and takes only a couple of minutes. This particular phone spy program can control up to 1000  devices from one account.

Having installed the program, you should log in your user account from which you will view the phone activities of the person you monitor. Besides, to get reports, this phone shouldn’t be connected to the Internet on an ongoing basis (periodical connection is enough). It can be either GPS or Wi-Fi Connection.

Overview of the Major Features

Unfortunately, SpyToMobile can’t boast with a large variety of options. For that reason, too demanding customers need to dig for its competitors like TheOneSpy, for instance. Below, we’ve published the list of these options:

  • Control the call history. Due to such an option, your children or employees will not conceal any call from you. You will have a chance to keep tabs on each incoming or outgoing call, see the call details, caller’s name, and call duration.
  • Monitor text messages. The person you track will have no chances to hide text messages. Users may quickly inspect even deleted ones. It is so easy!
  • Contact list. The details of each contact registered in the phone book are viewable.
  • GPS location monitoring. If your kids prefer to conceal the secrets of their whereabouts, or they spend free time with rum customers, SpyToMobile phone tracking app will help you to see the copper-bottomed facts. You may check the location of the person you monitor on the Google maps.
  • Control WhatsApp messages. These days, instant messengers are even more popular than ordinary SMS. For that reason, such an option is crucially important. If your prime aim is to check with whom your daughter chats through this app, SpyToMobile allows you to do this. Furthermore, you’ll have access to not only text messages but audio and video files as well.

As you see, the range of options isn’t extensive. Thus, it is enough for not demanding users.

Disadvantages of SpyToMobile

Unfortunately, this phone monitoring app isn’t the best one and has some shortcomings. Before buying it, you should know what to expect.

The app is compatible with Android devices only. It goes to show that you can monitor only Android-powered phones or tablets. Hardly, each user will be satisfied with the incomplete compatibility offered by Spy2Mobile.

Besides, the range of options is also reduced. You can’t check email address, block the phone, or track the internet activities. These days, there are many social networking websites, but SpyToMobile can control only WhatsApp. For that reason, choosing this particular app, follow our description of the main features. If you need to control Skype or Viber, this program isn’t for you. In this case, you need to continue hunting for the best solution.

Our Verdict

SpyToMobile is not for everyone. We can’t consider this program to be the best one because of poor compatibility and lack of crucially essential options. This particular application is for those who will be satisfied with the limited range of options. Furthermore, SpyToMobile can control only one operating system, Android. We hope that soon the developers will update the service and will add some features. As a result, the number of customers will increase.

We should also mention that many customers find these points not so essential because they need necessary spying opportunities to satisfy all needs. The bright and user-friendly interface is a strong point of SpyToMobile. Moreover, they have proper customer support that can answer all questions and solve issues anytime you need. Still, if you are not a demanding customer, who wants to control Android devices and doesn’t overpay for this opportunity, SpyToMobile is what you need.


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