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TheOneSpy – the Best Way to Control the Flow of Information

TheOneSpy-businessIt is hard to imagine our everyday life without computer technologies and phones that provide unlimited access to information. People use computers for business, students – to keep up with academic programs and prepare assignments, and kids simply like to play computer games. It seems that there is nothing dangerous about that but how can you be confident that received information is safe? Luckily, today there is a bunch of programs and apps that allow you to monitor phones and computers. Spying software provides you with possibility to keep an eye on the person of your interest, which could be a spouse, an employee or a kid.

Three main reasons to use spying programs

TheOneSpyPeople install and use monitoring programs for different reasons, but recent research shows that there are three main reasons:

  • Safety of children. Children use computers and mobile devices just like their parents, and it is very difficult to limit the usage of phone or laptop. Parents usually have no idea what their kids are watching online, what kind of information they get access to or who they are talking to social media. Psychologists confess that one of the factors that cause aggressive behavior in children is violent videos and pictures that children come across on the Internet. If you do not want your kids to deal with violent or abusive information, you have to monitor phone and computer usage. Monitoring programs are a useful tool to build a fence around your kid.
  • Performance of your business. The second main reason why people install spying programs is the possibility to monitor employees when they are at work. Employees frequently misuse working mobile phones and computers to surf the Net, chat on Facebook or simply view photos while they must work. Employers want their employees to dedicate working hours to complete tasks and achieving business goals. Controlling usage of target phones and laptops is one of the ways to do that.
  • Marriage issues. The last but not the least popular reason for using monitoring programs is keeping an eye on your spouse. This frequently happens when couples are going through marriage crises and have a suspicion that a husband or wife is cheating. It is hard to say whether it is a proper thing to do as it deals with a moral side of human relationships.

TheOneSpy – the best choice to make

TheOneSpy-appThere is a huge number of good spying apps and programs, which sometimes makes it difficult to choose the most suitable. The choice greatly depends on the usage. Some programs are better for computer usage, others – for mobile devices.

TheOneSPy is not the best program to monitor computers and laptops but it is a great tool to be used for phones. TheOneSpy is unique in some way because it is compatible with iPhone, Blackberry, and Android, and there are not many monitoring programs that can be equally used on all most popular mobile devices and OS.

So what makes TheOneSpy so good?

TheOneSpy-control-panelTheOneSpy Monitoring features

TheOneSpy has excellent spying features that allow you to monitor sensitive information such as passwords, e-mails, messages content. With the help of keylogger, you get data that includes passwords, e-mail and message content, addresses, etc.

  • Spying on calls

    With TheOneSpy you can monitor all incoming and outgoing calls of the target phone. Even if you have missed a live call, you can check call logs to see who has called and when.

  • Screenshots

    TheOneSpy takes screenshots of the target phone and uploads to the computer. It provides you with the possibility to monitor how the phone is used, what information is accessed and shared. If employees share sensitive information with the third party, you will find out and prove it with the help of saved screenshots.

  • Access to multimedia filesTo monitor the phone means to have access to all its content including multimedia. TheOneSpy gives access to multimedia files of the phone – photos, videos, recordings. Why would you need it? The content of the phone will tell you a lot about interests and hobbies of your child or your spouse. Certain things might be a real discovery for you.
  • Bugging feature

    This feature is available in Xtreme package of TheOneSpy. It includes the photo and micro bugging. With micro bugging you can record background sounds, while camera bugging gives a good idea of where the user of the phone is. Now you will know where and with whom your partner spends evenings.

  • IM social media control

    Facebook, Skype, and WhatsApp are incredibly popular and arises necessity to control social media too. TheOneSpy can easily cope with this task. With TheOneSpy you can read Facebook messages received and sent from target phone, check dates and time, view friend list, listen and watch all video conversations, and monitor many other activities.

  • Track location of the phone

    TheOneSPy also has a tracking function that, with the help of GPS, defines and monitors the location of the phone. Moreover, tracking feature allows you to mark restricted and safe areas. When the phone is in a restricted area, you get a notification. Imagine your employee is out of office for a business meeting. You can easily verify it with the help of tracking feature. Anxious parents will be happy to use this feature to make sure that their kids are not skipping school.

  • Multiple devices

    Unlike most widely spread monitoring programs, TheOneSPy can be installed on multiple devices to monitor activities performed on different phones. It is immensely convenient if you use TheOneSpy for business purpose.

TheOneSpy is a great tool to monitor and control phones of your employees and family members. Hesitate whether TheOneSpy is a suitable app for your phone? Try using it to see for yourself which benefits it has.


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