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Understanding Your GPS Tracking Software

cellphonetrackWhether you have a GPS phone tracking software already installed on your phone, or if you are thinking about getting one to track someone, you need to know how it is all going to work. For the most part, all GPS phone tracking apps work in a fairly similar way. The tech professionals that create them for iPhones, Androids, and other smartphones want them to be easy to operate so that people of all knowledge levels can track a phone. If you have friends that use GPS phone tracking programs, ask them how simple it is and you might be surprised at their answer.

Discover more about the many GPS tracking software types out there, their features, and which one you are going to get the most out of for what you need before you go shopping for your new GPS tracking program.

What Features Come on Phone Tracking Software?

This is a question that really is open-ended. The kind of features that you get on your GPS tracking program is really going to depend on what kind of service you get.

Free GPS Tracking Services

There are free tracking programs like Find My iPhone for iPhone users, or the Device Manager for Android phone owners. These are the very basic services and in most instances, depending on the version of your phone, come pre-installed on the devices. Some of the actions that can be carried out with these include:

  • Lock the phone so nobody can use it
  • Display an emergency message on the phone so if someone does find it, they can contact you with the news
  • Erase data like email messages and texts to prevent others from seeing it
  • Call the phone if you believe it is nearby so you can hear it
  • GPS track it on a map so you can find it easily

Well, that all sounds pretty good, right? These are the main features that you are going to want if you are someone that tends to lose their phone easily. This kind phone tracking program is more for finding a phone then for spying on one.

Phone Tracking Services for Sale

If you need to find out what someone is doing on their phone, like your kids or your employees, there are more sophisticated GPS phone tracking options. These generally cost a reasonable one-time fee. You purchase it online, over the net, and they send an email with instruction on how to set it up in minutes. These kinds of plans usually offer a feature for just about anything you would want to do with a phone from a remote location. Some are:

  • Keylogging, so you know every click that the phone is making
  • Taking pictures and access photos already on the camera
  • Track text messages, emails, and phone calls
  • Blocking websites
  • Recording and listening to phone calls
  • Checking social media sites
  • Accessing passwords that the phone has used

So, depending on how in-depth you want to go with your spying, you can purchase one of these more elaborate plans to gain a high-quality tracking service for any phone.

How Will I Know the GPS Tracking Will Work on My Phone?

gps-phone-trackerThere are a variety of GPS phone tracking programs that work on all kinds of phones, some that work only with iOS or iPhones, several that are compatible with Android and Google, and some that are specifically for Samsung or Windows phones. It is up to you to check the specifications to verify you are buying one that will work with your phone.

Also, recognize that not all GPS tracking software works on a mobile phone in every country. Go to the website of the program and see if it says it is offered where you live before you buy it.

Do I Have to Have the Phone to Use the GPS Software?

The only time you will physically need to hold the phone is when you initially install the GPS application on the device. Otherwise, the functions are all ran completely remotely from another phone, computer, or tablet.

 Does the User Know the Tracking Software Is on the Phone?

Most tracking programs can be put on stealth mode so the person that owns the cell phone will have no idea that it has been installed. You want the person you are trying to track to complete their normal routine, so having a program they can see is not going to do much good. There will be instructions available on how to turn the program into an invisible mode so the only person that will know it’s on is you.

Does the Phone Have to Be Jailbroken for the GPS Tracking to Work?

Some phones, like the iPhone, are going to have to be Jailbroken before the software is going to work. You can find out how to go through this Jailbreak process here before installing the software.

 How Do I Set Up the GPS Tracking Software?

Best-GPS-phone-tracker-for-mobileYou will get an email sent to your personal account. There you will see all the directions that you will need to set up the GPS tracking software that you have purchased. Included in the email will be:

  • Specific login information
  • Instructions on installation
  • A download link
  • An activation code

You can use these easy-to-follow instructions and as soon as setup is complete, you can begin monitoring instantly.

Hopefully, you have all of the answers to your GPS tracking questions and you can go to the market and find a program that is going to fulfill all of your needs. If you still need more guidance, your service provider will usually be able to give you the help you are looking for.


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