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The Best iPhone SMS Trackers

smart-phone-iosThose phone users who have any doubts about SMS messages their children or spouse receive and send, you need to get yourself a device tracker with no doubt. With no doubt, it is the easiest and the best way to find out everything you want to know about a person. SMS tracker is the safest solution to those people who do not want to show themselves up but want to get evidence. These days SMS and other types of messages are the main way people communicate with each other. Even phone calls became less popular than SMS and chatting apps.

If you are not sure about your spouse’s honesty and your kid’s safety, an SMS tracker will work perfectly for you. Just install a free spying app on a target phone and monitor everything its owner is doing, saying, and of course texting. Mobile gadget tracker is the best way to find out everything secret about the most important people in your life. You can easily know not just the content of their SMS, but also other messages, calls, and even browser history. These points will be your perfect proves of cheating on your husband or wife, for example. But let’s get more details about iPhone trackers below.

Are Those SMS Trackers Free?

iphone-monitoringNot exactly. Most of those cool and almost professional spy apps are paid services. They offer various subscriptions to their customers. You can purchase some on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. But of course, there are also few free apps that can be a perfect alternative to those paid ones. Mostly these free mobile gadget apps are cut versions of popular spy services.

You have fewer features, but you have a perfect opportunity to test the app before buying it. But for those users who just want to get themselves an iPhone SMS tracker such cut free versions can be a real thing to deal with. SMS tracking option is the main one available with any spy application. Also, there are few absolutely free apps with a great package of features. Here are the most popular of them:

  1. mCouple: The name of this app speaks for itself. First of all, it was developed to satisfy various needs of couples. But lots of customers use this program as a spying tool as well. Except monitoring tool mCouple includes such features as contacts viewer, GPS tracker, and calls monitor. Please note, that the program is not compatible with iPhones and other iOS devices.
  2. Mobipast: Those users who are seeking for a phone spy compatible with both Android and iPhones, Mobipast would be a perfect choice. SMS messages monitoring is just one feature among a bunch of others such as chats monitor and GPS location monitor.
  3. Easy Logger: Another free SMS tracker with no compatibility with iPhones and iOS operating system. It allows you to monitor incoming and outgoing calls along with text messages. GPS tracker is also included.
  4. Mobile Tracker Free: Android users will also like this program with no doubt. Why? It is reliable, easy to use, features SMS viewer, GPS tracker, calls logger, calendar viewer, and it is totally free! The best way to track Android-powered
  5. The Truth Spy: If you are using iPhone this SMS monitor will fit for you perfectly. It is free and tracks all the important points such as messages and calls.

All these apps can be downloaded for free from Google Play or their official websites. Few of them also have paid versions with extended features lists. Among the most useful paid options, you can find apps blocker, social network chats monitor, and media files viewer. All of them should be installed directly on the target phone.

Tips on How to Choose the Best SMS Tracker for Your Phone

iphone-monitoring-spyAs there are few main operating systems available for modern phones, the best spy apps also may differ according to the operating system compatibility. One of the most popular Android oriented spying tool is Auto Forward Spy. This phone app has a very common price for the segment – $69.99. It is the best choice to those Android phones users who are looking for a solid spy software with a great variety of features. Its features include but do not limit the following characteristics:

  • All text messages including SMS, MMS, chats, and emails
  • GPS location monitoring with constant updates within every 5 minutes
  • All contacts access with viewing such details as numbers, email addresses, names
  • Access to the contact list, including names, numbers, and email addresses
  • Browser history access
  • Making photos and video remotely with the target phone camera
  • Real-time calls monitoring
  • All websites and social media accounts to access and monitoring
  • Recording of calls

Another popular operating system is iOS for iPhones and iPads. This platform also has a different app at its best. According to multiple testimonials and customers’ feedback, Highster Mobile is the best spy tool for iPhone and other iOS devices. The price for Highster Mobile is also $69.99. It is a top-class performer and a reliable spy tool with a bunch of helpful features and options. Here are the most useful of them:

  • All text messages (SMS, MMS, chats, and emails) types tracking
  • You are able to pull out even deleted messages. One year is the limit to restore
  • View any data from incoming and outgoing calls along with the calls history
  • Constant GPS Tracking
  • Opportunity to view all media files such as photos, videos, and audio
  • Social networks accounts to access and monitoring
  • Web browser history viewing and editing

Any spy app user has own reason to install one on a target phone. But you should make the choice according to phone capabilities, operating system compatibility, and features list.


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