What Opportunities Can You Get Using Spying Software? 5 Best Tracking Apps

Remote Cell Phone Spy Do you need to monitor and be aware of your son or daughter daily routine or find out the truth about your lover? Maybe your task is to supervise employees, or you are a private detective that provides an investigation? Whatever your motive is we believe that you have your good reasons for gathering information about other individuals. Therefore, if you need to get any data in today’s rapidly developing world, you should install a remote cell phone spy.

Remote Cell Phone Spy in Our Life

By now, you have heard much about all kinds of application proposed on the market. The variability of remote cell phone spy software can easily mislead a newcomer. It brings us on to the great idea to write a review of the most reliable products which based on our broad experience in the area. As we have tested many phone applications, we know everything about their benefits and drawbacks. So, we will gladly answer your questions and help you to pick the right phone app.

Auto Forward: No-jailbreak Hacks

Remote Cell Phone Spy This app provides absolutely safely monitoring of any Android device as well as iPhones and iPads without getting noticed. “No-jailbreak hacks” is the essential features of Auto Forward. Users no longer take the risk of being exposed because there is no need in physically accessing the target cell phone. Other strong points of the remote cell phone spy app are a user-friendly interface, reasonable price, reserved rights for the license, as well as monthly fees free that save your money. It makes Auto Forward one of the most popular tools on the market. Therefore, for those who are searching for a broad spectrum of functionality without jailbreaking the phone, this software is the best solid choice.

Key features

  • Successfully extracts information from any phones and tablets.
  • Use remotely tracking of all messages. The software grabbed the deleted text from the cell phone, captured calls, website history, etc.
  • Easily read messages and content sent via Social media like Twitter, Facebook, Viber, Instagram, Line, and others.
  • Apply GPS tracking.
  • Download all pictures and video from target cell phone.
  • A hidden camera can snap shots in a stealth mode using a target phone.

Mspy: Easy-to-Use Interface

Remote Cell Phone Spy Probably, it is the best tracking phone application for iPhone or iPad. What makes us think so? The non-jailbreak version fixes the problem of software installation on the target cell phone. Now, it is an easy-to-use product with an extremely convenient interface which makes Mspy one of the most popular cell spy applications on the market. Just follow instructions in order to get the latest update to your phone and improve its security and stability.

Key features

  • Exploring all kinds of messages including SMS/MMS, emails, etc. It is amazing that even deleted message can be tracked down to your account.
  • Keylogging feature. This function allows you to figure out what your kid is typing into WhatsApp, Skype, and other instant messengers.
  • Advanced GPS technologies. Convenient tools help to spot the location of your child on a map online. You can also define the boundaries that your kid should follow. The moment he or she crossed the line, you get alerts on the remote control panel. Also, you may receive the message on your phone, computer or laptop.
  • Blocking unwanted websites and programs. The spyware also can block websites with sexual, pornographic or gambling content. By the way, remote cell phone spy allows parents to restrict social media and apps/games that might be run and played.

FlexiSPY: Cell Phone Spy with Live Calls

FlexiSPYRemote Cell Phone Spy is a remote spying application for a tablet, cell phone or any other “smart” device. The app is compatible with all operating systems. Actually, it is powerful mobile phone software that offers unique advanced features such as call interception or instant message monitoring. Customers could pick Premium or Extreme version. Unfortunately, using FlexiSPY means jailbreaking a target cell phone, and this is a complicated task for most people.

Key features

  • Call interception. You have an opportunity to hear live cell calls sitting in your office.
  • Remote spying on instant messengers. View via the Internet all sent or received SMS or MMS messages.
  • Phone’s surroundings. Figure out what is going on around the target cell phone. Furthermore, you can record ambient noise through the phone’s microphone.
  • Spy on social media. Get all the information in real time! Know everything typed in Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Instagram and other. Crack a password!
  • Spy on pictures, video, audio files, etc.

Highster Mobile: for Android and Apple

Highster MobileRemote Cell Phone Spy offers secure and excellent remote spying software compatible with all Android (LG, Samsung, Motorola, etc.) and Apple (iPhones, iPods, iPads) devices. The modern technology, which allows you to read text messages and chat conversations, works on both rooted and unrooted cell phones. It is worth saying that the remote phone spy app supports different formats. Gathered data can be uploading to PC, tabs or cell phone.

Key features

  • Spy income and outcome calls, make records, view details.
  • Remote capture of messages including SMS, MMS, emails.
  • Give complete GPS tracking solution. You know the location of the monitored phone.
  • Browse details of websites history.
  • Get photos and videos viewed on the phone.

PhoneSheriff: Tracking Your Children

PhoneSheriffRemote Cell Phone Spy is a remote spy tracking software that allows monitoring the activities of a high variety of devices. The app works with Android as well as with Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and others. Also, some notable features include displaying the data in various chart types and downloading information in PDF or XSL format.

Key features

  • Geo-fencing alert. The modern phone technology provides tracking of target device’s movements. Don’t worry: when it comes to your child, there is no law violation. Define the limited area and have the alert signal via your control panel when the app reports the breach.
  • Keyword filters. Profanity warning is a distinguish feature of PhoneSheriff. Whenever your child types a defined word, you will know about it.
  • Block services. Create restriction and block access to unwanted apps, websites, and social network.
  • Screenshot capture. You can watch in a real-time mode all activities of tracked phone. Use screenshots and receive pictures.

Are you interested in cell phone spying technology and the top-notch products? If you crave to know all about high-quality applications, you should visit our full phone spy reviews. Here you can find more details and relevant information about up-to-date software that gives numerous opportunities for your daily life.


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