How to listen to cell phone calls from another phone?

listen to phone callsThere are different ways to listen to cell phone calls from another phone, so you should not feel helpless if you want to listen to someone’s calls. Hack the target device, and you will have access to all incoming and outgoing calls.

How to hack a mobile phone?

cell tracker bannerYou can hack the device using different methods:

  • Crack the password;
  • You may also gain access to the data using the same WiFi network that was used from the target device earlier;
  • Use UnlockRoot program;
  • Use special surveillance software.

How to install spyware?

listen to phone callsUsing spy software will help you to monitor your employees and keep your children under control. It is the fastest and the cheapest method to listen to someone’s calls. Spy apps are easy to use, and you will be able to install them without any problems. You will find numerous free and cheap spy apps. They give an opportunity to spy on all mobile phone data fast and very easily. Just follow several simple steps:

 What features will you be able to use?

In fact, there are many useful features which can be provided by the spy applications besides tracking calls. The usual cell phone spying app allows monitoring:

  • GPS location;
  • Media files (photos and videos) and text messages;
  • Accounts of social media (Snapchat, Twitter, etc.);
  • Chats of WhatsApp, Viber;
  • Emails, etc.

Check the compatibility

Many spy apps are compatible with almost all existing operating systems. The apps’ compatibility list usually includes the next devices:

  • iOS devices;
  • Android / Android Tablets;
  • BlackBerry;
  • Nokia Symbian.

You should check the compatibility of the application with your device before using it.


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