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Phone Call Spy Apps: All You Wanted to Know About Them

call spy Spy games are not a fiction anymore, thanks to new technologies each of us can turn his or her smartphone into a spy tool. Want to track someone’s calls? It’s not a problem! Just use call spy apps and find out everything that is hidden in phone calls.

Do You Really Need It?

Almost every person has faced the situations in which he would like to know what his child or employee is talking about or who calls his kid. With call spy feature, you literally may get an effective monitoring device. A well-designed call surveillance software will work despite any circumstances; it will record everything and upload it to your personal control panel. It can be useful anywhere because it provides compelling evidence, which may allow you to find out that your boyfriend may be cheating, your kid can get in trouble, or your employee is crossing the line. And if you ask yourself a question whether you need it or not, most likely you have some doubts, and a call spy app is a tool which can dispel them.

What Facts Should You Know About Call Spy Software?

Phone call tracking applications are the next generation of smartphone software. This type of software records every single incoming and outgoing phone call, SMS messages and even surroundings. It tracks the current GPS location of the target phone, calendar, contacts with no less efficiency. The browser history, as well as messages from social networks and messengers like Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook, will be in a full view. You will also be able to track Yahoo messenger as well as Skype conversations.

Call spy apps are easy to use. They don’t require special skills; average user’s experience is enough for using spyware. The installation process takes only a few minutes.

What Features Will You Get?

Of course, phone call spy option is the most important feature of surveillance applications. But look at the list of other great monitoring options which you can get while using call spy software.

  • Tracking SMS messages (sent, received, deleted);
  • Monitoring social messengers and networks;
  • Monitoring phone gallery sent and received media files;
  • Tracking web browser history and bookmarks;
  • Monitoring contacts (with names and numbers) and phone calendar.

How to Install Call Spy App?

  • Find the software which suits you the best. There are dozens of services which you can find online, so it is difficult to make the right choice with such a variety. You can read professional reviews about the most effective and reliable phone tracking apps here;
  • Check the compatibility of the phone you want to monitor, almost all services provide this information on the official website;
  • Choose the package which suits you the best and buy the subscription;
  • Download the installation file of call tracking app and run the installation process;
  • Adjust customer settings;
  • Create your personal account online.

Now you can start tracking someone’s calls without any problems.

The stealth mode

The applications work in the stealth mode so you can be sure that you will not be detected. The user-friendly call spy applications allow their users to track and record calls, save phone conversations in the personal accounts, and listen to them from any device with the Internet connection. You can do it remotely without having access to the phone.

Purposes of Using Call Spy Apps

call spy

Monitoring Kids

call spy No one will deny that parental control is so important in today’s life full of dangers and threats. That’s why it is the main purpose of using cell phone surveillance software. Our children don’t have enough experience to distinguish online threats and to confront them. So it’s the parents’ job to protect kids. And Android spy apps can become real helpers for parents. They allow parents to be aware of all phone calls, SMS messages, contacts of their children. Thanks to these applications parents can notice if something goes wrong ant take actions if needed.

Spying On Significant Others

call spy Monitoring applications can become a great tool for protecting your personal life. Sometimes our significant others can be too secretive, and we may have doubts about their honesty. With the help of call tracking apps, you are able to track all calls of your husband or wife and find out the truth.

Monitoring Employees

call spy Call tracking software can a become an assistant if you are a TOP manager or a business owner. With its help, you will be sure that your company’s confidential information is safe. Track calls and messages of your employees when they are at work, and nothing will be kept in secret. Install surveillance software on the company’s phones and be aware of every incoming and outgoing call of your employees. Your business gets many benefits, and you get confidence. But if you are going to track calls of your employees, don’t forget about their rights, we mean the right to privacy.

Tips On Using Call Spy Apps

call spy Here you will find some useful tips which will help you to track someone’s calls effectively.

  • Call monitoring feature works even when the phone doesn’t get a cell signal;
  • If the cell signal is lost, all activities will still be recorded. After that, the recording will be uploaded to account once the phone is on any network, or near a stable Internet/WiFi connection. You can listen to them at any time;
  • You need to make sure that using this application you don’t violate the local and regional laws;
  • Always check the compatibility of the app with your target phone. Sometimes the set of features may be cut for some devices;
  • Make a reserved copy to save the information.


The phone call spy app is an indispensable tool in a modern life full of dangerous situations. With their help, we can protect our personal and professional lives from many threats. It is unlikely that there is such a person who can’t get benefit from using monitoring software. But like any other security tool, phone call spy apps should be used wisely. You can find all necessary information and useful tips in the article. Read more about phone tracking apps on our website. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comments to the article, and we will respond to them with pleasure.


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