Ispyoo Software Review for Monitoring Phones

iSpyoo-monitoringHave you ever dreamed of being a spy and knowing secrets of other people? Probably all people did when they were kids, but even now, when we are adults, some of us want to know what other people might be hiding.

We live in times of hi-technologies that provide us with plenty of opportunities and ease our life in some way. Computers and mobile devices have become an integral part of our life – private life, work, educational process, etc.

We use computers not only for business need but also for fun and keeping in touch with friends. But what about your kids? Are you sure that your kids are using the Internet in a safe way? How can you spy on the internet activity of your child? These are probably most widely spread questions of modern parents who want to be aware of what their kids are doing online when nobody is watching.

The reason is simple – they want to protect. The Net is the place where you can get uncontrolled and unlimited access to information, including information that might inappropriate for kids. You cannot prohibit them to use the Internet, but you can monitor their online activity with spying programs like Ispyoo. This is evolution and advanced monitoring software offering the best features for users, who need to track down and control the activity of phones and other devices.

Monitoring Social Media Activity with Ispyoo

iSpyooYoung people spend a lot of time on social media posting something and chatting with friends. They also make new friends and organize events. Facebook is probably the most popular website for this purpose but not the safest. You cannot be sure that people on the other side are honest and have good intentions. The truth is that predators also use social media. Luckily, there is a tool that helps protect your children. Ispyoo is one of the best spying programs for phones. The app is compatible with Android and iPhone OS. It easily can provide a monitoring help with social media because it lets you spy on most popular apps such as Skype, Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and other programs.

  • Facebook. Ispyoo provides access to messages that have been sent and received from other people. Detailed information is available on Control Panel of the program.
  • Viber. Ispyoo allows you to see info about all Viber calls and conversations, including group conversations.
  • Skype. The app has access to Skype dialogues, complete calls, media files such as photos and videos. Moreover, you can see names of people, time and date of each conversation in Skype.
  • iMessage. If the target phone is iPhone, there is a feature that enables you to view message sent via iMessage, see the exact number of people involved in iMessage chats, see what photos and videos have been exchanged.

Other Features of Ispyoo

To find out more about other features of the program, you should visit its official page. Most widely used features are the following:

  • Calls.

    Ispyoo provides you with the possibility to listen to phone calls alive without letting anyone know about the fact that you are spying. With the help of SMS or remote control, you can activate this feature and listen to all conversations. If you do not want to miss a phone call, you can record it remotely. It is also possible to select certain numbers and always record conversations with these numbers.

  • SMS.

    You are able not only access all SMS and MMS messages and their content but also redirect them. In other words, it is possible to send an SMS to any phone number via the target phone and make the other person think it has been really sent from the target phone.

  • Contacts.

    If you are a parent, you might have certain worries about new friends of your child, especially those your kid has met online. With Ispyoo you can check what phone numbers have been added to the contact book. In fact, even when the contact is deleted, the app keeps it in its memory. Apart from phone numbers, you can monitor other details linked to the numbers – e-mails, home addresses, place of work, etc.

  • Organizer.

    If you want to know what your child is up to at the weekend, no problem – check his/her organizer/calendar and you will see what events are planned for a specific date.

  • GPS tracker.

    To see where the target phone is at a certain moment, you only need to access Control Panel of Ispyoo. In Control Panel you can also see details on routes and time. Moreover, there is a function that allows tracking the location of the device, when GPS is not working.

  • Media.

    Today teenagers post their entire life on social media. They take pictures of everything and everywhere. They think it is harmless and cool, but it might be dangerous as not everything should be displayed. If you want to take a precaution, check media files stored on a device – photos, videos, and recordings. You can view photos any time from any computer because they are uploaded in Control Panel of Ispyoo.

How Does Ispyoo Work?

ispyoo-phoneIt is very easy to install Ispyoo and use it. First, you need to check technical requirements and make sure that the device corresponds to these requirements. The website of Ispyoo has separate sections: How to, and Download, where users can find necessary info and links to download the program. It is recommended to use only official links and website to avoid using corrupted exe. files.

Ispyoo is a professional monitoring program for Android and iPhone used by many people due to its easiness. It was developed in 2010, and ever since then thousands of people use it all around the world. The software offers outstanding quality and most required features. Do not hesitate and try using Ispyoo on your device too!


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