How can you track an iPhone 5?

track-iphone-locationTracking an iPhone 5 is very easy since it has its own inbuilt GPS and you can also install a variety of tracking apps. You can track your iPhone by using the Find My iPhone app, and it will give you the location of your mobile device by hacking into its system if it is still powered on. If it has been switched off, it will give you the last known address of your smartphone before it was switched off. If the iPhone has been stolen, the app will hack into your phone’s system, and you can delete your information remotely especially when it comes to highly sensitive information. Using the Find My Friends app will also enable you to track your friends’ mobile devices especially those that you share information with by hacking into their phone’s system.

track iphone

This are some of the steps you can follow to track your iPhone 5:

  • Open the app Find My iPhone using another smartphone. Log in as a guest. Or visit to find and log in using your IPhone’s Apple ID.
  • Click on the all devices button on your screen.
  • You will receive a list of devices. You have to click on yours. All of your phone’s information will be displayed including the current location or the last location it was before it was powered off. The app simply hacks into the phone and powers on the GPS discretely.
  • You can send a notification to your phone. It will give a loud alert. This is made in case the phone is in an unknown location close to you or in the house.
  • If you fail to locate your phone, you can choose to erase your information remotely. So no one will be able to access it. This is for sensitive information. If you happen to find it, you can restore the information which is usually backed up on your iTunes.

Also, if you need to track someone else’s iPhone, you can try special spying applications. There are a lot of them nowadays: mSpy, Flexispy, Highster, Mobile Spy, etc. They offer a more wide range of features. Besides tracking smartphone location, you will also be able to read messages, listen to/record phone calls, check instant messengers, etc.


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