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Reliable Monitoring Programs for Android Devices


Laptops, Android phones, electronic devices as well as social media have become a part of our everyday life. We use computers at home and work; we cannot manage our everyday tasks without mobile devices and the Internet. No wonder. We live in a world of state-of-the-art-technologies.

Even though all these tools have made our life much easier and progressive, it can raise certain concerns and problems. Parents become worried about the unrestricted usage of computers and Android devices that usually substitute laptops. Married couples frequently accuse each other of infidelity because of constants online chatting, etc. These are just some of the examples that make people install monitoring software on Android phones and computers.

Major reasons to install monitoring software

There are a lot of reasons why people decide that they need monitoring software, including Android software, and it is impossible to highlight all of them. However, there are the most widely spread:

  • Controlling children. Children use computers on a regular basis because they need them to fulfill college assignments. The usage of computers and Android phones is absolutely unlimited and has its drawbacks too. There is no guarantee that your child is not viewing inappropriate websites or upload videos with violent content. In addition, it is impossible to check who your kid is chatting on social media, which is also a troubling fact. Monitoring programs for Android and computer become a solution and a way to keep an eye on your kids.
  • Improving business performance. Employers frequently complain that the performance of their business decreases because of the inefficient work of personnel. One of the reasons is that employees spend time chatting on Facebook and other messengers instead of doing their job.

There are also companies that provide their staff with corporate phones that must be used solely for business. How to make sure that employees are not misusing business phones? That is right – with the help of monitoring Android programs for cell phones. It helps manage the business and prevent leakage of confidential information.

  • Last but not the least important reason is the suspicion that a spouse is cheating. A jealous husband or wife might accuse you of infidelity just because you are spending too much time talking to someone on the phone. Just be aware that your Android phone might become subject to monitoring.

Things you need to know about the usage of monitoring programs

androidMonitoring programs, especially for Android, are getting more and more popular. People purchase and install Android spying software without serious consideration. Nevertheless, there are aspects one must know before installing a spying program:

  • Legitimacy. Is it legal to use spying soft? Monitoring programs are designed to help parents keep their children away from trouble, and business owners to make work of their employees efficient. In the first case, we are talking about keeping an eye on under-aged kids, which is not illegal. In the second case, installing monitoring software on computers owned by the company is not considered to be a violation of the law too. However, in the event of any doubts, it is recommended to council with legal experts before purchasing a monitoring program for Android devices or laptops.
  • Moral side. It is important to realize that installing monitoring soft might not only save your marriage but also ruin it. If you suspect your spouse of infidelity and want to get evidence, be aware that you might not find anything but in the event your spouse finds out about being monitored, you might not be trusted again. Installation of Android spying software usually tells people that others do not trust them and it might seriously damage relationships.

Major functions of monitoring programs

android-spy-monitoringNot all monitoring programs are equally good and reliable. One of the things one should remember is that trustworthy software always costs money. Free programs might contain viruses that will damage your computer or phone instead of helping you. Traditionally good spying programs for computers and Android phones have a number of typical monitoring features:

  • Screenshots of a desktop

Due to this feature can see what the user is doing at the computer.

This is an immensely popular feature because it saves history on each keystroke and thus gives the idea of what has been typed.

  • Listen and record phones call

Just imagine that with this feature you can not only listen to all phone conversations but also record them. The call log contains information about phone numbers and the duration of each call.

  • Track SMS

When monitoring an Android phone, you might need to get access to SMS and MMS of a target phone. Good monitoring soft will easily provide you with this possibility – you will know everything about everyone.

  • Track GPS Location.

GPS will easily detect where the phone and its user If you have concerns that your kid might skip school, you can check it with this feature.

  • Access to a camera.

Getting remote access to the camera of the phone allows you to take pictures and get the idea of the surroundings. It might be useful if your phone has been stolen and you want to know how the thief looks like.

  • Track Instant messengers

Want to know more about people your kid is talking to online? No problem! Instant messengers spying is a popular feature included in all good monitoring Android applications. You will know that the content of each conversation of your child as well as your employee. The programs provide detailed information saved and presented in reports.

Based on the above highlighted functions, users recommend two specific monitoring programs that are good for computer usage and installation on Android phones – Flexispy and mSpy programs. These programs have numerous positive comments and a solid reputation. For more information, feel free to visit the official website of monitoring software and contact the official customer support service.


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