iPhone7 and Galaxy S7. Which one to choose?

IPhone 7 Galaxy S7


Facing the design, you admit that Galaxys7 is more attractive than iPhone7. But the Samsung has Corning`s Gorilla Glass 4 which is more fragile. Apple product makes an impression of minimalistic design that has no notable differences respect to the older versions. IPhone seems to be an older one just without an accessory port.

The winner: Samsung


Samsung has a higher resolution of 1,440 x 2,560 pixels compared to the low-res iPhone7. At the same time, iPhone has a display of 4.7 comparing with 5.1 inches of Samsung. That means the lower resolution of Apple product is spread over the smaller screen. So the disparity is not that noticeable. A unique and important feature of IPhone7 is 3D Touch first seen in 6S.  But this feature is not that one you will use every day. Also, the gamut of the Apple is not comparable to the opponent`s one.

The winner: Apple


Both smartphones were launched with the most up-to-date hardware available at the time. Galaxy S7 is quite formidable in terms of computing power with 8 cores or 4 cores processors (number of cores depends on the distribution location). It has 4GB of RAM, with 32GB or 64GB of storage. In addition, you can choose microSD slot support up to 256GB of storage. Both iPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus have an A10 4 core and a 64-bit processor. Apple notices that it is 40{c9063d93cd99e6699cfb247b4f9df5293e3154c1a1b68a212377f2843ad33bf5} faster than A9. Comparing processors of both companies, we can mention that Galaxy`s processor is on the level of A9. That means that the computing power battle is won by iPhone7.

The winner: Apple


Galaxy S7 runs on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. In this update there were small improvements such as battery duration optimizations and UX redesigns. IPhone 7, in comparison, runs on IOS 10. 10th version simplifies user experience with 3D Touch technology, redesigned screen and support to widgets. Maps are also redesigned. In general, Android is better for power users, but iOS is a bit faster and simpler. IOS has just some synchronization problems because of its closed operating system. Instead, Android in the case of Samsung can be synchronized with your TV and other domestic electronics.

The winner: Samsung


Comparing the cameras, there should be mentioned that Galaxy S7 has a 12-megapixel main camera and 5-megapixel front camera. The apple product has the same quantity of megapixels, but the Samsung takes advantage of its Dual Pixel technology that accelerates a focus.

The winner: Samsung


One of the few aspects Samsung can`t keep on are the new stereo speakers. Galaxy`s speaker is quite poor, but it does have a headphone jack. Apple produces the best quality speakers, but they are not included in a set, and you must add $100 to buy them.

The winner: Apple

To be honest, we were expecting the Galaxy S7 to win this battle because of different features added by Samsung like a water resistance and Dual Pixel tech. But iPhone 7 is marching in lockstep with its special innovations. So, let summarize this battle.

Apple won its award for:

  • Display
  • Hardware
  • Speakers

Samsung was better in:

  • Design
  • Software
  • Camera

As we can see, a dead heat. This is only your choice.

iPhone 7 vs Samsung S7


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