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OwnSpy Tracking App Review

Hand of woman using smartphone on wooden tableOwnSpy is a multi-functional and reliable spy application which can be used for different purposes. Who can use OwnSpy?

However, no matter what is your purpose, choose OwnSpy, and you will get the best spyware which will not let you down.

Undetectable Application

The OwnSpy monitoring application works in the stealth mode. It is completely undetectable. It means that the owner of the target device will never notice you until he knows exactly what to look for and where. The app hides in the background of the operating system after the installation and doesn’t affect other apps.

How to Access the Data?

ownspy generalOwnSpy software allows you to monitor and to control everything that happens on the target cell phone using your personal an easy-to-use online panel. Subscribe and use the OwnSpy application to track your cell phone, phones of employees, or as a unique tool for parental control. You’ll get:

  • Online monitoring. You will be able to track your target device from anywhere and from any device with the Internet connection just by signing into your account;
  • All data is encrypted on your device and uploaded to your account after that;
  • Immediate logging. Just install the app, and after that, you can start copying all the data to the cloud immediately.

Main Features of OwnSpy

Monitoring features that are provided by OwnSpy can give its subscriber a full control over a target cell phone. The list of the main functions includes the next options:

  • Spying on SMS messages;
  • Spying on instant messengers: WhatsApp, Snapchat, QQ Chat, WeChat;
  • Call history monitoring;
  • Spying on the address book using OwnSpy application;
  • Web history tracking;
  • Live audio control;
  • Managing installed apps;
  • Monitoring pictures;
  • The option of data export;
  • Tracking emails;
  • The option of call recording;
  • The option of screen recording;
  • Keyboard monitoring, etc.

Automatic 3-Way Calling

The option of 3-way calling gives you an excellent opportunity to add your phone to every call that the owner of the target phone makes on his or her smartphone. With the help of this option, you can track who your kids are talking to and when. You will get a notification when a call is received or made using the target phone.

Confidentiality of the Data

The OwnSpy software declares the complete privacy of the tracked data. The subscribers store a lot of sensitive information on their devices. This is the reason why the company focuses on the encryption of the data from the ground up. The members of the company don’t have access to personal data of subscribers. You can be sure of it because there is no way for somebody else to access your data without your password. That’s why you have to remember that you shouldn’t share your password with anyone else.


ownspy pricesThe OwnSpy monitoring application provides its services offering three types of subscriptions. These packages differ in their price and accordingly in their functionality.

Basic Package

You should pay only  €19.99 for a one-month subscription. Having this subscription, you can track the location of the owner of the target device; SMS messages and other texts; contacts in the address book of the user; call history. You also get the option of remote uninstalling of the app.

Premium Package

This OwnSpy package includes all monitoring features what are provided in the frames of the Basic plan and some additional features. For example, monitoring texts on social networks and messengers such as WhatsApp, WeChat, QQ Chat, etc., spying on pictures, web history. You can also use the option of live audio and data export. Get app usage information with the help of the OwnSpy Premium Package. The price for this type of OwnSpy subscription varies from €29.99 for a one-month subscription, to €49.99 for 3 months subscription.

Gold Package

This OwnSpy package is the most complete and costs €59.99 for the one-month subscription, € 99.99 for 3 months subscription and €179.99 for a year subscription. This OwnSpy package includes all monitoring features of the Premium plan and several additional functions. You will be aware of all apps that are installed on the target device; all texts sent or received in emails. Find out all secrets hidden in call recordings and Snapchat. You can use the option of live audio and keyboard monitoring, function of screen recording.


In this article, we provided the most accurate information about the OwnSpy monitoring application. A useful review can create a complete and truthful picture when it comes to the software that can be used for monitoring someone’s electronic device. We tried to collect only objective and useful information.

OwnSpy is a reliable spy application which provides its services for an affordable price. The list of features includes all the necessary functions. So you can be sure that you will be aware of all the details hidden in the SMS messages, calls, web browser history, pictures, etc. If you still have any questions about spy apps, you can read more reviews here.


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