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Please Note: Retina-X Studios urgently is closing few of its main spy apps projects. For you to note Mobile Spy product is no longer available and all of its customers will be offered a refund. Our website highly recommends avoiding using Mobile Spy product in the nearest future. Please consider installing such apps as mSpy and Highster Mobile.

People have different explanations when they decide to install monitoring software, but they all have one, and the same motive – desire to be in control of everything and, in such prevent bad things happening. When talking about the reasons, there are usually two main reasons – to control kids and employees.

Keep an eye on your kids. Most kids use the mobile internet without any restrictions because it is hard to control in what way they use their phones. However, unlimited access to the internet can be hazardous considering that there are a lot of websites with inappropriate content. Using monitoring software to keep an eye on your children through the phone is a good solution.

Solving low-performance problems. Employers frequently complain that their staff spends time chatting online when instead of working toward achieving business goals. It is easier to track computer activity but how can you do it when employees are using phones? That is right – with the help of monitoring apps that can monitor and control phone activity remotely. Phone monitoring software is the best solution if you need to keep up with the activity of your employees or family members.

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Protect Your Phone with Mobile Spy

mobile-spy-demoThe number of spying applications for mobile phones as well as computers and laptops is increasing dramatically. The market is full of offers, and it puzzles you. You can find reviews of thousands of monitoring programs online, but there are no guarantees that these apps will satisfy your needs. One of the most recommended apps for mobile phones these days is Mobile Spy. If you have never heard of it, you are strongly recommended to take some time and read the following review.

Mobile Spy Feature Overview


  • Compatibility.

    There is a solid background for the popularity of Mobile Spy. The app has proved to be a reliable program without serious bugs but with numerous advantages. One of the main benefits is that the software is compatible with most popular phones and OS – iPhone, Blackberry, and Android. Official webpage of Mobile Spy has a separate page dedicated to compatibility, required phone features, compatible carriers and other details, which you need to know before installing Mobile Spy.

  • Live Control Panel.

    Control Panel allows you to view the screen of target phone in real time. The customers confess that the program is simple to use even though it has a lot of features. With the help of Control Panel you can also send commands, check the location of the phone and even lock the device.

  • Text message control.

    Mobile Spy monitors received and sent messages. You can check their content, date and phone number. Due to lack of experience kids might receive and send messages that can cause troubles. If you are planning to install Mobile Spy on working phones, this feature might prevent sharing confidential information.

  • Social media control.

    Phones have substituted computers and laptops in many ways. Now you do not need to use a laptop to check messages on Facebook as you can do it with your phone. This is exactly what many employees do – use the corporate phone for their private purpose. Mobile Spy has a feature that allows monitoring of social media, including Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, etc.

  • iMessage control.

    Mobile Spy has separate features available only for iPhone or Android considering their difference. Thus, there iMessage control feature that is available only for iPhones. The user of the target iPhone can send the message to another iPhone or iPad via iMessge, and while most spying apps cannot track iMessages, Mobile Spy has the following feature.

  • Blackberry PIN messages.

    Just like for iPhones, there is a separate feature for Blackberry phones that provides the possibility to monitor Blackberry PIN messages. Blackberry users frequently use PIN messages because they are convenient and remind a chat. With Mobile Spy, you will not miss a single conversation.

  • E-mail monitoring.

    Sometimes employers and business owners want to monitor also e-mails to make sure that there is nothing unusual in their correspondence. Mobile Spy enables you to control also e-mail view Control Panel. You will see not only content of each e-mail but also e-mail address, subject, and attachment.

  • Internet.

    With Mobile Spy, you will get full monitoring over the Internet usage of your kid or employee. Web history saves information on all visited websites. There is nothing that can be hidden from you now.

  • Multimedia. 

    Do you want to check taken and received photos remotely? It is easy as a piece of cake! Mobile Spy gives you the opportunity to monitor multimedia files without any obstacles.  This feature will give you a better understanding of your child and his/ her real interests. Sometimes parents get shocked from what they find out.

  • GPS tracker.

    Do you have a suspicion that your employee is skipping work instead of being at a meeting out of office? Mobile Spy makes phone monitoring much easier. The app can define where the phone is located using GPS data. Make sure your child is not skipping school, and Mobile Spy will help you with this task.

  • Contacts.

    You can check newly-added phone numbers on all devices. This feature is likely to be used by parents because as a parent, you might want to know more about new friends of your child.

Mobile Spy is said to be the next generation of phone spying programs, and it has all features to be one of the best in the market. It has already won hearts of many users and continues this task. If you hesitate whether Mobile Spy will meet your needs, you can try a demo version available on the official website to check all the features.


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