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iKeyMonitor as One of the Greatest Tracking Tools

ikeymonitorThere can be various reasons why you want a keylogger program on your computer, smartphone or any other device. The list of purposes of keyloggers is very long. But like any other new case for you to deal with, you might need some help to make the right choice. As like there are many ways to use a keylogger, there are also a great number of different applications available on the market. Some of them are free with multiple paid versions available. It is highly recommended to use the paid one because of the reliability and wider range of features.

Keyloggers evolved rapidly and became very popular among average users all over the world. A great demand caused high competence on the IT market these days and a great number of software not always can deal with the task an average keylogger should. But there are some solutions that can make you feel like you are real James Bond 007.

Keyloggers work with different operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS, etc. This fact also effects on your choice. You should choose the program that will fit your system’s requirements. But modern keyloggers often have versions of various operating systems. iPhone and Android are the most popular ones, of course.

Another important thing you should be looking on is the stealth mode of the program. If you want your keylogger to be invisible on the target phone, you should get yourself reliable modern software with stealth mode. This option is available for any paid keylogger, but not for all the free ones.

This article will tell you about one of the most popular and reliable keyloggers existing nowadays, iKeyMonitor. This software will provide you with top-class spying features. So continue reading to learn more about iKeyMonitor.

Purposes of usage

ikeymonitorThe reasons to use keylogger software can be very different. First keyloggers were used by criminals who used such software to steal passwords and personal information from their victims. These days a typical keylogger is have nothing to do with crime and is used for positive purposes only. An average user understands that with a keylogger such as iKeyMonitor for example, he can do lots of helpful stuff. For example, using a GPS tracking feature on your phone, you can easily find it when it was stolen.

And one of the biggest parts of iKeyMonitor users today is parents who want to protect their children while they are online. Besides, employers got interested with keyloggers too. Bosses and managers want to be sure that their corporate devices are used for working purposes only. And, of course, you can spy your spouse if you have any doubts about him or her. So iKeyMonitor can deal with all those tasks and even more. To learn more about the purposes of iKeyMonitor, read some testimonials from the official website.

iKeyMonitor can log such point as: ikeymonitor-screen

  • Social Networks

These days social networks play a great role in our lives. If you can monitor someone’s account with a keylogger, it means you may know everything about the person. iKeyMonitor deals with any social network you can imagine.

  • Calls History

This feature is one of the key ones to most of the keyloggers and iKeyMonitor deals with it too. While using the program, you are able to monitor all the incoming and outgoing calls that were made via the target phone.

  • Websites Visited

While lots of people nowadays spend much time online, it is very important for a keylogger to monitor that digital activity. iKeyMonitor tracks all the websites that were visited by the target phone user.

  • GPS Locations

This feature is not just for fun, but also it helps to save lives. For example, when your kid is out somewhere, you can track his or her location easily with the help of iKeyMonitor. So you can be calm about kidnapping and other dangerous stuff to happen to your child.

  • Automatic Screenshots

iKeyMonitor is one of those top-class keyloggers that can not only tell you about some certain actions on the target phone but also show you everything happening on the screen. All the applications, web browser, calendars, messages, etc. will be perfectly monitored and screenshot.

  • Text Messengers

These days various text messengers are extremely popular. While most of the keyloggers may show you SMS, MMS only, iKeyMonitor will provide you with the detailed information about messages sent via such popular applications as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, etc.

How it works

ikeymonitor-1Keyloggers are working mostly in the same way. They collect information about the target phone and sent logs into your personal account. If you are using some reliable keyloggers as iKeyMonitor, you can be sure there are no third parties to receive your personal information or any data that was collected from the target phone. This point is very important to be clear, because while collecting info from a smartphone, it is very easy to know all the passwords and credit cards info. iKeyMonitor is one of those apps that guarantees your confidentiality and safety of the personal and collected data.

Another important point to be clear with is the invisibility. This option is not so important when you are spying after your kid, for example. You may just tell them there is a keylogger on their phone or another device. But for corporate use this feature is vital. iKeyMonitor provides you with a stealth mode. This app is just impossible to detect by any experienced user or even antivirus software.


Do not be afraid to use keyloggers. But you should be careful while choosing yourself an app. iKeyMonitor will provide you will all the important options and even more. iKeyMonitor is the best option for those who decided to track someone’s phone for the very first time and requires a solid and reliable application that would not let you down for sure.


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