How to Track an iPhone: The Newest and Fullest Guide

How to Track an iPhone

More and more people think about the problem of how to track an iPhone. There are various reasons for that, and there are few main ways of how to track someones iPhone. You can use a special monitoring app, built in tool or even use a phone number. Let’s talk about this case more deeply.

track an iphone

Why and How to Track an iPhone

Let us tell you why people want to learn how to track an iPhone. Of course, you have your own reason for that as any other person. But this is just one side of the coin. There are millions of spy apps users around the world with their own circumstances and methods. Let’s point out four main ones:

  • Spouses – this is one of the most popular reasons one people start using spy apps on a regular basis. If you have any doubts about your spouse’s honesty, you can easily confirm that or wash away all the illusions with the help of a monitoring app.
  • Parental control – The most useful monitoring apps are for parents these days. Parents one by one learn how to track someones iPhone to make no doubt their kids are alright and safe.
  • Employees control – If you have any doubts about your coworkers, about their honesty, and safety of your secret corporate info, such spying applications will give you the next level of control on a regular basis.
  • Personal use – if you have lost your device, any of the possible ways to find or track your phone will be useful for you.

How to Track an iPhone by Phone Number

How to Track an iPhone

To find out how to track an iPhone by the phone number you need to understand one simple but disappointing fact for you. There is no right way to spy on someone having his or her phone number only. There are some special websites offering monitoring services, but there is no sure information about their effectiveness. So, it is up to you if you want to spend money without getting any guarantees of the positive result.

But iOS phone is a perfect device to get tracked. Spying apps are getting more powerful with every new season, and now you can spy on someone remotely using built-in or downloaded the app. Even if you don’t have constant physical access to the target device, you still can read SMS and other messages from that phone remotely. In some cases, you don’t even need to jailbreak the target iPhone! For this you will need:

  • Get a valid Apple ID and password of the target device.
  • Make sure the iCloud backup is enabled.
  • Monitor the device via iCloud remotely.

Of course, it is not the easiest way of how to track an iPhone without them knowing, but there are some methods still.

How to Track an iPhone Without Them Knowing

So, let’s find out how to track an iPhone in the most useful and effective way. If you will Google this question, the answer you will get will be about special spying applications. There are lots of them available online with different power, capacity, and capability. If you are looking something for iOS, you are lucky as there are lots of programs available for this very operating system.

track an iphone

How to Track Someones iPhone Today

The way of how do you track an iPhone is only your business. But we must say that spy apps are the most effective ones in most cases. Those apps are free and paid. The first ones are less powerful than those you can buy.

The price for such programs is usually very similar, and you just need to look at their capability and testimonials of the users. Also, it is recommended to get the Premium version of the program you choose. Let’s talk about how to track iPhone with a spy app.

How to Track an iPhone Without an App

But before we start learning about spy apps, let us tell you how to track an iPhone without an app. If you want to spy on iPhone or just need something to find your lost gadget, there is already a built-in way. The application developed by Apple for iOS is called Find My iPhone. Make sure it is activated on your or target p before it is lost. Here are the main options it offers:

  • Clear map with an accurate GPS location point of your phone on it.
  • You can start a special alarm sound remotely from another device.
  • You can lock your lost device remotely.
  • It is possible to delete entire content on your phone.

How to Track an iPhone Without Find My iPhone

how to track an iphone

To learn how to track an iPhone without Find My iPhone app you just need to know one easy way. There are lots of various spy apps available on the market. You have a great advantage of using it to monitor all messages, GPS location, and even record calls. Here are few the most popular and valuable how to track an iPhone applications available on the market today:

One of the most universal and popular applications is mSpy. It is absolutely easy to use and powerful. Learn how to track an iPhone without the person knowing, just use its stealth mode to hide the application and its trails. It can:

  • Block websites and applications
  • Monitor GPS location
  • Monitor any activity on the target phone

Absolute leader and bestseller on the market.

Here is another leader in the spy applications market which helps you to understand how to track an iPhone effectively. There is no need to worry about the target phone user will notice the application being installed. It has a special stealth mode to hide its existence completely. You can also crack passwords, read messages, and monitor all calls with the help of this app.

  • Highster Mobile

This a classic keylogger and spy application. You can get it with various sets of options. This is the best app you can get to learn how to track an iPhone location; Great GPS location monitoring capability is doublet with the easiness in usage.


How to Track an iPhone 5

If you are looking for a special way of how to track an iPhone 5, we have great news for you. You don’t need any special tools different from those we described you in this article. You can use any app compatible with iOS to find your lost device or control your kids. Find out how to track an iPhone 5 without an app – just read about Find My iPhone tool we’ve described earlier in this article.


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