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How to Hack Gmail Account: The Definitive Guide

gmail account on iphone

There are many reasons why you may need to hack a Gmail account. If you are a parent of underage kids, if you suspect your spouse of cheating or want to protect your company’s vital information, you have probably searched for the information on to how to hack a Gmail account. On this page, you’ll find a lot of tips and advice. Just keep reading and find out everything.

Gmail Password Hacking Is Not Impossible Anymore

Gmail is one of the most important email services in the world; it has around 1.2 billion active users monthly. Hundreds of millions of users have their accounts on Gmail, and 90{c9063d93cd99e6699cfb247b4f9df5293e3154c1a1b68a212377f2843ad33bf5} of them don’t protect their accounts and password from hackers and don’t think about security. Therefore it contains lots of valuable information which can be accessed by someone else.

There are several methods which you can use to hack someone’s Gmail.

Six Fool-Proof Methods To Hack Gmail Account

Method #1 — Use password manager

This method can be applied if you are going to track someone’s Gmail from a computer. One important thing. You need to have physical access to the target computer to be able to launch the default browser. After that:

  1. Get access to the password manager (usually you can find it in the Settings of the browser’s menu bar):
    • For IE: Internet Options->Content->Settings->Manage Passwords.
    • For Chrome: Settings->Show Advanced Settings->Passwords And Forms->Manage Passwords.
    • For Firefox: Options->Security->Saved Passwords.
    • For Safari: Preferences->Passwords.
  2. To make it faster, you can use the search bar: when you launch the password manager, write “Google”.
  3. “Accounts.google.com” is what you need to find.
  4. Click on it and choose “Show password”. Now it’s in the bag!

Chrome shows password

Tip: Try to get access to the target Gmail from another device right away because the service may email the owner of the target account about the login from an unknown browser or device. You need to delete it to go unnoticed by the user of the Gmail which you are tracking.

Method #2 — Reliable Keylogger is the ticket

It is a special kind of phone spyware which will give you complete access to all passwords and personal data of the owner of the target device. All you need is one reliable monitoring app that you can find on the web. Download it, install and track the target device without any problems.

You can find dozens of keylogger apps for Android and Keyloggers for iOS; some of them are compatible with both operating systems. Check best iPhone Keyloggers here.

Keyloggers such as mSpy and Auto Forward are good helpers if you are using them for:

  • Parental control;
  • Protection of your own devices (if someone steals it, you will have access to all information and GPS location remotely);
  • Tracking employees (you should warn them about your monitoring before to avoid violation of the right to privacy);
  • Spying on your partner’s phone activities.

Method #3 — Grab the password

writing an email
The easiest way is to grab someone’s password. You should understand that Gmail service is entirely secure as itself. But if you know the person whose account you want to hack well, you can guess the password or steal it. Some users have two-factor authentication; if your target person uses it, you will need access to his/her device.

Method #4 — Phishing

This is one of the simplest strategies to hack Gmail accounts, and also the most successful. In this, the Gmail hacker creates a copy of a trustworthy webpage, such as Gmail, and hosts it on a fake URL. Once the victim goes to the fake page and enters their Gmail password, the hacker gets hold of the same. Then the unsuspecting user is redirected to the actual login page and hence he hacks Gmail password.

Phishing is very simple to implement and requires basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and scripting to make it work. However, bear in mind that phishing is cybercrime, and make sure you have a valid reason for hacking someone’s Gmail before proceeding.

Method #5 — Social Engineering

This is one of the best solutions to how to hack a Gmail account password. Often, people use their personal details, such as their dog’s name or date of birth, like passwords and security questions. So the Gmail hacker can hack into the email account by simply gathering personal information about the target from social media or other sources.

Gmail is an inherently secure service, but using the social engineering methods, anyone can guess your Google account password and hack into your Gmail. They might also use some poorly designed websites into which you’ve signed in using Gmail passwords to do the deed.

Method #6 — Apply spy app for hacking Gmail

This method is the easiest and most comprehensive one. You need to install spying software on the target phone, computer, tablet, the app will do all remaining job. You will have full access to all passwords, including Gmail, all SMS texts, and much more, find out more details below.

The Fastest Way To Hack A Gmail Account

Website of GmailIf you ask a question “How to hack Gmail account?” you are in the right place, phone spy application is the answer to all questions. Probably it is the most straightforward way of tracking Gmail of someone else. Use a phone spy app, and you’ll be able to get access to someone’s Gmail in minutes.  No need to be a hacker; if you are an average computer and phone user, you can handle it. So what are the advantages of phone spy applications?

Pros of spy apps

  • Easy to use and install;
  • Affordable or even free;
  • Provide comprehensive monitoring;
  • Compatible with multiple devices;
  • Work remotely;
  • Work in a stealth mode.

How does it work?

There are dozens of cell phone spy services which you can find on our website. Almost all of them are quite affordable, some of them are free, but those provide restricted monitoring features. You need to follow the simple steps of the installation process, which is similar for the majority of apps, and Gmail of the target person will be in full view.

  1. Choose the app and visit its official website; before choosing read professional spyware reviews here.
  2. Download the installation file on the target device. You will need to have access to the device, but don’t worry after installation is done, you will have remote access to someone’s Gmail.
  3. Run the installation file. It will hide in the background of the operating system, and the owner of the target device will never notice you.
  4. Sign up your online panel. After that, you can start tracking not only Gmail activities but all the data that goes through the target device.

The Correct Way To Hack Gmail Accounts Remotely

How to hack any Gmail account remotely? You can track someone’s Gmail remotely using spy applications like mSpy or Autoforward. Just sign up your control panel, and you will see all the phone information of the target person on your dashboard. You can open it on any tablet, phone, or computer with an Internet connection.

Bonus Monitoring Features For Hacking Gmail

Using spyware for spying on someone’s Gmail gives you plenty of other essential and convenient monitoring tools. They are:

  • Tracking phone calls (incoming, outgoing calls, names, numbers, duration of the calls);
  • Spying on SMS messages (sent, received messages);
  • Spying on social networks profiles and messengers (Facebook, Instagram monitoring, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Telegram, Viber, etc.);
  • Monitoring web browsers activities;
  • Tracking the current GPS location of the user of the target device and the history of locations, etc.

How To Secure Against Gmail Hacking

You may be on the other side of the takeover battle. Everyone who has a Gmail account is putting him/herself at risk of being hacked. You could be a parent or someone working hard to gamify your e-commerce business; it is essential to keep your Gmail secure. Read how to do it here.

  1. You should not click on suspicious links, open enclosed files from unknown senders.
  2. Always be careful with your phone number, credit card details.
  3. It is essential to use complicated passwords containing letters, numbers, and symbols. Try to change them from time to time.
  4. It is a good idea to use an on-screen keyboard when you type your password to protect yourself from keyloggers.
  5. If you notice any suspicious activity, it is better to update security settings and add recovery information.

In this article, we tried to give you all the essential tips. Now you know how to hack a Gmail account easy, fast, and without high expenses. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments below the article, and we will be happy to answer them.


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