Easy Spy Review: Is This Phone Spy App Worth Its Price?

easy_spy-768x307As far as we live in the epoch of modern technologies, we cannot imagine our future without smartphones, tablets, computers and other useful gadgets. Even kids who only start attending school cannot do without these devices. However, kids are not grownups, their screen time and limitation of visited websites is crucial. Parents are in charge of their health and security. We provide our children with mobile phones in childhood, but we must concern ourselves with the details of their personal lives. To do this, you need to use mobile phone spy apps, software products that must be installed on the phone and due to which you will learn everything about the whereabouts of your children or other people. Our review is about one of such monitor products – Easy Spy, a phone spy app which will tell you the truth about the personal life of the dearest people.

Intended Audience of Easy Spy or Who Can Use This App

easy spy reviewIn sober fact, Easy Spy is deemed to be one of the most powerful monitoring apps which can comply with the spying goals of all types of users. Those who still doubt whether the cell phone monitoring soft can help them should read the below-listed information.

The official website of this spy program hints that Easy Spy is an ideal tool for parents who take care and desire to control their children. We must confess that this easy-to-use software will definitely help parents to see with whom and how long their kids talk or chat using their phones, where they spend their free time, and what online content they view or share.

Nevertheless, there is one more category of users who will appreciate this spy app. We mean employers who got tired of those employees who used to practice deceit. Recent scientific studies show that modern technologies like smartphones or tablets don’t allow employees to focus on work. Besides, the chances of corporate data leakage also continue to increase. Easy Spy will show the employer how his team works, which calls they make via corporate mobile phones, which emails they send, and where they are during the working hours.

Those who sniff treason or do not entirely believe their loved ones will also benefit from the use of Easy Spy. The particular software product runs stealthily, and your partner will never guess that you monitor he or she.

Compatibility of Easy Spy

This application supports Android and iOS. It is compatible with all versions of iOS and supports iPhones and iPads. The same is with Android-based devices.  This phone monitoring app supports all Android phones.  Besides, it works with all phone providers. Thus, if your prime aim is to get the remote control of Windows or Blackberry-based phones, this software is not for you.

Pricing Policy

In fact, each potential customer is interested in the sum he will be made to pay for the usage of such application. Taking into account the number of similar apps for the phone monitoring available online, nobody wants to overpay. It makes no matter what device you wish to spy on, with this software, you will pay the same sum $29.99 per month. The price is fixed, and it doesn’t depend on the number of features you wish to use.

What Features Does Easy Spy Offer?

easy spy reviewEasy Spy is empowered with a full package of features. They are as follows:

Main Features:

  • Remote SMS tracker. The users of this phone monitoring soft have access to all SMS messages sent from or received by the target phone. Even deleted messages are also viewable.
  • Call log. With this option, you can listen to and even record each call made from the target mobile phone.
  • List of contacts. Using this feature, you’ll view the phone book of the person which is under your control.
  • Detection of GPS location. This feature is for those who want to control the remote employees or kids (when they aren’t at home). The option is useful for business owners who manage a fleet of trucks or other remote workers. The feature allows tracking the target person in the real-time mode.
  • Keeping tabs on social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Skype – all these apps are under your control. You can view the content of text messages or view which images or video files the targeted person shares online through the use of a mobile phone.
  • Remote camera. Such feature of Easy Spy enables you to listen to or view the phone surroundings. You can switch on the camera of the phone remotely and make a secret photo. It will be the perfect evidence that your kids or employees cheat you.
  • Live control panel. It is an integral tool of Easy Spy phone monitoring app. You can easily get access to any report or other information. Besides, you can set the app according to your requirements. You may pick the features, display logs, and even time triggers. You will have access to the panel from any mobile device with the Internet connection.
  • iMessages. The option is crucial for people who wish to keep a check on iOS-based devices. You will see the full content of each message sent from iPhone.


Easy Spy is one of the most powerful and reliable spy applications for keeping tabs on phones of other individuals. You can install the spy app remotely by using the OTA method (the spy phone app doesn’t require the direct access to the target phone). Such feature makes Easy Spy stay ahead of the curve! Not each similar spy software product can make a boast of this option.

Moreover, Easy Spy is empowered with a plethora of useful features that can accommodate different needs. Parents will get an indispensable tool to control the personal life of their naughty offspring. Employers will obtain a reputable spy mobile phone product which will prevent the data leakage and help them to control remote workers. Easy Spy is good for different goals! So, if you are looking for a decent spyware, look narrowly to this application.


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