Is Your Phone Stolen or Lost? Hurry Up to Delete History on Android Remotely

Delete History on Android Let’s learn how it is possible for you to delete history on Android phone remotely. There are two main ways to clear the browser history. You can use the built-in Android Device Manager or install a spy app on your smartphone before losing it.

Delete History on Android Using Device Manager

So, let’s start with a built-in program called Android Device Manager. This application has lots of helpful features and, fortunately, you do not need to install any additional applications or something like that. The entire principle of its performance is very clear and easy to use. To clear your stolen or lost smartphone completely or just its web browser history, you need to use just one application. The program works through your personal Android Device Manager account. Just register it on the official website.

Then when your account is completed, you can synchronize your Android operating system smartphone and its browser history with all the Google services. It means that the GPS location tracker built-in your phone will log the browser history of movements and will let you know where the smartphone actually is at the moment. No matter how far is your device already. The only thing that matters, in this case, is the Internet connection. Android Device Manager needs it to send info about your phone’s history and location.

So, as soon as you realize that your smartphone was stolen or lost you should make a decision to clear your device history or not. It is always a good idea to hold the most important files on a cloud service or just make any other type of backup. If you’ve decided to clear your Android’s history entirely, the program will reset your device to its factory settings and system condition in general. But you can be totally sure no one will use your internet browser history or any other data against you.

Enable Android Device Manager

Delete History on Android So, to make this remote clear browser history operation possible, you need to register your personal account and enable Android Device Manager. Generally speaking, this manager is performing exactly as if you hold your device in your hands. The options are very accurate and clear. So, start with these steps:

  • Tap Settings section in your system menu
  • Find and tap Personal category
  • Tap Google in the next window
  • Then go to Services section and tap Security button
  • After these simple steps just launch Android Device Manager and enable remote location tracking system.

Do not forget to keep the location mode on your device switched on constantly. To enable this mode just go to your system Settings and tap on the button responsible for the Location point.

How to Delete Android History Remotely

Delete History on Android It is time to learn how to actually clear your device in case it is stolen or lost. Here are the main stages of this method:

  • First of all, you need to create your Google Account on Android Device Manager official website.
  • Then after registration and logging just find your smartphone in the list. Please note that the stolen smartphone should be synchronized with your account at least once.
  • After taping on your lost smartphone, you will see the info about its location and distance to it. The info should be not very accurate according to various testimonials.
  • And here is the moment of truth. You need to decide if you are going to try to return your smartphone. It is possible if you lost your phone somewhere not far from your actual location. Or it would be better to clear its history entirely. You will see the button named “Wipe your Android remotely.” Just tap on it, and your device’s history will be cleared

Once again, we should note that the location tracker on ADM works not as good as it should. Sometimes it is just impossible to find out any helpful info about the location of your lost device. So, we recommend using spy apps to clear smartphone’s history remotely.

How to Use Spy Apps to Delete History on Android

The easiest way to delete your smartphone’s history remotely is to install a spy app. Of course, you should do it before someone steals the device from you. Read some reviews about the most popular applications on the market and make your decisions according to your requirements. mSpy, XNSPY, MMGuardian, Highster Mobile are just a few to mention from a long list of reliable spy apps.

The GPS location tracking system in those apps works pretty accurately so you can easily find out where your gadget is at the moment. Then you may easily clear browser’s history using your personal account registered at the app’s official website.


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