Review of Bosspy Phone Monitoring Sofware

bosspy reviewIn fact, we all may think about the possibility to find out someone’s secrets. We may wonder who our significant others and our children are chatting with using their phones. And if you are a business owner, you may worry about the important and confidential business information about your company. You should make sure that this information is secure and that your employees do not use their devices for personal purposes and follow confidentiality rules. Bosspy is a great solution for those who think about all these questions. It can become a helper in many situations.

About Bosspy

Bosspy is one of the most reliable and comprehensive monitoring applications. It was created by the team of enthusiastic developers, especially for concerned parents who are looking for the method of protecting their kids and for managers and owners of companies whose aim is to protect their information and their businesses.

This multifunctional spyware gives its users a wide range of monitoring features. The app makes it possible to spy on different phone activities of the user of the target device. For example, calls, SMS messages, GPS location which would be displayed on the map.

Bosspy is easy to use. Just install the application on the target phone and sign up your personal account and you can enjoy the monitoring. The app does the rest of the work by itself; you shouldn’t make any efforts. The app works in the stealth mode. It means that you are able to monitor the user of the target device silently. But don’t forget about the right to privacy. It’s important if you are going to monitor your spouse or employees.

Bosspy: Main Functions Of The App

bosspy reviewThe Bosspy cell phone spy software provides you a complete and totally free access to the information that goes through the target device. It becomes a reality thanks to a complex set of monitoring features. One you click and all information on online and phone activities of the owner of the target device will be in a full view. With the help of spy app you will be able to:

  • Spy on SMS messages. With Bosspy you will be able to track sent, received and deleted SMS messages. You will see all details that are important, such as, the names and numbers of the senders and receivers of the messages, the copies of the texts and the time and date of every SMS message. It is great that the texts will be uploaded into your personal account once the user sends or receives them. Even if the owner of the device deletes the SMS it will be saved in your account, and you can read it;
  • Spy on social messengers. Track messages and chats which are generated on social messengers and social network accounts. You may see all conversations on WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, etc.;
  • Monitor web browser history. Just download and install Bosspy software and look through all visited pages. You can see the history of device’s Internet browser remotely;
  • Track the current GPS location. This great monitoring application gives you an opportunity to track the exact GPS location of target phone and its owner. You are able to view this information on the virtual map. It will be displayed by your request.

Other Functions of Bosspy

  • Keylogging. The application gives an opportunity to log all keystrokes. It means that you catch all symbols and words that were taped on the phone’s keyboard;
  • Capturing the lock screen password: you take screenshots of the target phone in the stealth mode and find out all passwords.

What Can You Use Bosspy For?

bosspy review

Monitoring employees

You may use it for business purpose. It may help your business to make more profits. If you monitor your employees, you will be sure that the confidential information about your company is safe. You will find out if somebody discloses it.

Besides, if employees know about the fact that you monitor them, they may work more productively. And they don’t use their corporate phones for personal purposes. In this way, you reduce costs. As you see the app is extremely useful. You may improve employee productivity and reduce the resources.

Parental control

You can use Bosspy as an effective tool for parental control. With the help of spy apps, parents can protect their kids from numerous threats which appear on the web and from bad influences. It’s great that thanks to the Internet, children have such easy access to the information they need for studying. But at the same time, they have admission to the inappropriate content. With spy software, you will be able to track phone and online activities of your children. You may be aware of all their locations and movements. And you will get the information in real time.

Advantages of Bosspy

bosspy review

You Can Backup Your Information

You can use the app on your device. That allows you to save the information if you lost your device. You can also save the information if the memory is full, so you don’t need to delete some files.

Ability to control lost or stolen device

The Bosspy special service can easily locate the device and can help you to find the thief. The spyware will be still active even if the thief changes the SIM card. You will receive a new number of SIM card.

As you see, Bosspy is very effective, reliable and multifunctional spy app. Parents, employers, and even spouses who suspect their loved ones in dishonesty can use it. It is easy to use, free and the installation process takes only several minutes. It doesn’t require special knowledge and skills. With the help of this app, you can get complete access to all activities that go on the target device with one click.


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