An Unbiased Review of AT&T Family Map Locator

AT&T Family Map LocatorWith the AT & T Family Map application, consumers are investing in a family locator phone program of superior quality. This mobile phone locator software app allows you always to know where every member of your family is at all times.

Now you never have to wonder what your kids are doing while you are out and about taking care of errands or at home dealing with your household when you have the locator software in place. Now you can check on loved ones to make sure they are okay and never wonder if anyone is stranded or in need of your help. This family locator phone application allows you to locate up to 10 lines on a single account, which is two times more than some alternative options allow.


  • The ability to monitor up to 10 lines at one time provided all the lines are on the same wireless account.
  • The software can identify where a target phone is located based on the SIM number and the 10 digit telephone number that is assigned to the phone and send the information back to the account holder.
  • The AT&T locator program is a family locator application of superior quality so parents can feel secure in knowing where the kids are located. The app helps families stay connected and close.
  • The application provides families with easy ways to locate lost devices. You can keep private information safe or potentially recover lost devices.
  • The company supplies you with a free trial for 30 days, so there is no monetary loss in trying the software since the company lets you try it for free.
  • Low-cost account of $9.99 monthly for the phone software usage.
  • Ease of automatic billing so you do not have to worry about billing each month: This is a feature loved by many.


  • The trial offer is not available for Apple app devices.
  • The application does not work with prepaid phones or Go Phones.
  • The $9.99 offer also includes first party advertisements on your mobile device and there is no opt-out for this function, so it keeps presenting ads from time to time.
  • The GPS technology is not always exact in giving an address or location.


The Features of the AT&T Family Locator Map

The software application that helps your family stay connected wherever they go is really a generous application with plenty of diverse functionality. Some of the primary features that the AT&T family locator map phone application has to offer families includes, but is not limited to:

  • The ability to provide a phone line’s location clearly on an interactive map.
  • Parents can define boundaries and get alerts when children arrive at those defined boundaries including places like a friend’s house, school, work, home, or other predefined destinations.
  • Parents can use a laptop, computer, or tablet to keep track of all children in every location they travel.
  • The phone application allows more freedom for children and more peace of mind for parents.
  • Parents can easily review the location history of each child or a line tracked by the software
  • The AT&T family locator phone application is compatible with Windows, Android, Apple, and Blackberry devices.

How the AT&T Family Locator Map Works

attfamilymapWhen a wireless account has several numbers on it, these numbers are traceable by a satellite or cell phone tower provided the phones have a SIM card and a 10-digit phone number. In addition to using the AT&T family locator phone application users of the program are encouraged to also download the company’s special family map application.

You will need to register the application in order for it to work, and then you leave it running in the background at all times on the device being tracked by the family locator app. Any phone that is being tracked by the AT&T family locator phone app is tracked with the knowledge of the individual who has the cell phone.

AT&T will send the individual a text message letting them know that someone is looking for their line and device, both immediately and again about once every couple of months. The phone must be powered on in order for the program to work and access to the Internet is crucial in order to provide information to the user as soon as possible.

A T&T Family Locator Map Potential Limitations

In order for the application to locate any of your family members tied to the account, you must enable the GPS device, and you have to be connected to the Internet. Of course, the mobile phone device also has to be compatible with the program. The telephone line you are trying to locate must be within the AT&T coverage network at the time you are seeking the location of the line. AT&T gives no guarantee whatsoever to the accuracy, timeliness, or availability of the locator program or that it will be able to locate a line that you are looking for at any given time.

Of course, AT&T suggests getting one of the GPS assist AT&T phones in ensuring the greatest accuracy and ability to locate lines. For telephones that do not have A – GPS, AT&T will utilize the nearest cell tower to locate the line that you seek.

This means that the information you receive as far as the location can be within a few hundred feet or several miles from the actual location of the cell phone devices you are monitoring with the program. The same goes for A-GPS phones that are not located within a clear sighting from the satellite that provides location information.

att family locator

AT&T Family Locator: A Risk-Free Opportunity

AT&T offers the AT&T Locator Map phone program for as little as $9.99 premium per month, and they offer the first 30 days of the application free. Since you are getting a trial of the product, you really have nothing to lose. You risk nothing as far as spending money on the application.

The free trial is for new subscribers only, and existing subscribers cannot take advantage of the trial offer. The bill for the AT&T family locator application is auto-billed unless you choose to cancel at any time. The 30-day trial is available on Microsoft Windows, Blackberry World, and Google Play. Unfortunately, Apple app store purchases are excluded from this offer.


The low price for the first month of use in the 30-day free trial makes the AT&T locator application an ideal family investment, particularly for those families who are on a tight budget but who also want to take advantage of resources to ensure the safety of every family member.

The application is a simple installation taking mere moments to install. AT&T provides solid customer support as well should you find you have questions or concerns.


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