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Main Reasons to Use iPhone Spying Apps

iphone-monitoring-iosDo you want to protect your child from Internet threats? Do you doubt your spouse’s honesty? Want to secure your company’s confidential information? It’s easy with spy software. Use phone surveillance software and get access to all Internet and phone activities of your children, significant other and employees. With the help of spyware, you will be able to track all calls, SMS messages, web browser history, chats, photos and other information. Let’s look at the main reasons and purposes of using iPhone spying apps.

Monitoring Employees’ iPhones

employee-on-phoneNowadays surveillance software may be used for both personal and professional purposes. We can use iPhone spy software for monitoring employees. With the help of spyware, we can monitor phone calls of targeted iOS devices, all sent and received SMS messages, as well as deleted messages, phone camera, Facebook, WhatsApp chats, etc. Download an iPhone spy software on the corporate devices and track all activities of employees using your personal online account. The spy software will protect your company from disclosing confidential business information to your competitors.

iPhone Monitoring Apps for Parental Control

parental-controlThere is another important and useful way in which spy software can be used. It is a necessity of parental control. Today our children use their phones and tablets all day long. They are almost always online. Kids are communicating with their friends via phones, tablets, sending instant messages, photos, stickers, etc. And we can’t forbid them to use their devices or prevent them from online activities. But how can we protect our kids from numerous web risks? It’s reasonable and quite important question. Having remote access to kids’ devices will solve this problem. And we may get it using iPhone spy software.

It is a pity, but we should understand that our children may be involved in different dangerous situations that occur on the Internet. It happens because of children’s lack of knowledge and experience in protecting themselves. Besides, there are so many things that they do unadvisedly. So our work is to protect them and assume all risks. And iPhone spy software will become our faithful and reliable assistant.

Spy On Your Spouse’s iPhone

cell-phone-spouseWe can also use phone monitoring software to control our personal lives. Of course, the family cannot exist without trust. But we are always curious whether our spouses are completely honest with us. Sometimes they can be overly secretive with their iPhones, iPads, chats and conversations on social media accounts. They can hide their SMS messages and emails, delete phone calls, web browser history, etc. We can become a little bit jealous. And this can even destroy the family. In this case, the only possible way is to download and install the cell phone monitoring app. This app allows us to hack a spouse’s iPhone and to have access to all phone activities.

Functions of iPhone Spy Software


  • Spying on iMessages.

    Using iPhone monitoring software you will be able to track SMS messages. Virtual copies of all sent, received and deleted SMS messages will be tracked and uploaded to your online account, and you can view them at any time;

  • Monitoring phone calls.

    You can easily monitor incoming and outgoing phone calls. You can view numbers, names, dates and time of all conversations that were made using the target iPhone;

  • Recording calls.

    You will be able to record all calls and listen to them. It will help you to find out what exactly your employee, significant other or child is talking about;

  • Recording surroundings.

    iPhone spy software enables users to activate the microphone and to record surroundings. You can listen to the recordings of the target device whenever you want. It will be available in your personal account;

  • Spying on the address book.

    All numbers and names in the address book of the target iPhone or iPad will be in a full view with monitoring software;

  • Tracking emails and browser history of the target phone.

    You can view exact copies of sent and received emails. You can also monitor all favorite websites, the browser history, and even bookmarks;

  • Tracking the GPS location.

    You will be aware of the current GPS location of the target phone with iPhone surveillance software. Make a request and the GPS location will be displayed on the map. The history of GPS locations of the owner of the target phone will be available as well thanks to surveillance software;

  • Monitoring photos and other media files.

    Get copies of all photos, videos and audio files. Notice that you can check photos and videos which were made using the target phone or which are stored in the phone memory of iOS device;

  • Spying on Calendar and Appointments.

    iPhone spy applications frequently provide a special option of monitoring appointments and calendar. You will see all notes and appointments which were scheduled by the user of the target iPhone;

  • Monitoring accounts and activities on social media.

    Just use iPhone monitoring software, and you can spy on all possible activities of the user of the target iPhone on messengers and social networks. Spy software gives you an opportunity to spy on Snapchat, WhatsApp,  Viber, iMessages, Instagram, Skype, etc. Track received and sent messages, photos, videos, voice messages, which go through accounts on social media with the help of monitoring software.

 Is It Legal to Use iPhone Monitoring Software?

legacy-hack-phoneIn fact, spying on someone’s phone activities such as phone calls, SMS messages, photos without him knowing directly violates the right to privacy. And you have to remember it. That’s why, if you are a manager of the company or a business owner and you want to monitor iPhones of your employees proceeding from the need to protect confidential information you should warn employees about monitoring.  This can save you from the hassle.

Notice, when we are talking about minor children and monitoring their phones and tablets, then the situation changes. It is important that monitoring minors’ phones by their parents or guardians is completely legitimate. It means that you have a legal right to monitor your kids’ iPhones and it is up to you to decide to tell them about your monitoring software or not.


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